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Tips of energy-saving ball mill installation
06-21-2019, 06:31 AM,
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Tips of energy-saving ball mill installation
Ball mill is one of super-fine grinding mill widely used in industries. Energy-saving ball mill is one type of ball mill. Energy-saving ball mill liner is used to protect the cylinder, so that the cylinder will not ba directly impacted and rubbed by the grinding body and materials. At the same time, you can also use different forms of liners to adjust the state of the grinding media motion to enhance the grinding crushing effect on the material which can also help to improve the energy saving ball grinding mill efficiency,increase its productivity and reduce metal consumption. Energy-saving ball mill liner is easy to wear, when you install and replace it , please pay attention to the following items.
1, Clean the grime before installing.
2, When you install energy-saving ball mill liners, you should coat 1:2 cement mortar between the cylinder wall and the liner, and tighten the bolt when the liner is still wet. Wipe the gap between the liners with sand and paste.
3, When fix liner bolts, you should be carefully mat seal to prevent leakage pulp.
4, You should check and tidy the liner before installing it and promise that it is smooth and tidy.
5, If the liner has front and back sides, don install liner back side outward.
6, When install compartment plate, you should firstly put all the bolts well, and then tighten the bolts gradually in three times.
7, Cylinder liner should not form an annular gap.
8, Solidification of cement mortar must get the strength requirements then can you put materials in to trial.

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