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Tips for chooseing the best hairstyle according to your face type
06-05-2019, 04:45 AM,
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Tips for chooseing the best hairstyle according to your face type
[font=宋体]Human hair weave[/font][font=宋体] can quickly change our image, so [/font][font=宋体]weave hair[/font][font=宋体] become something that people need more and more. However, how to choose a [/font][font=宋体]good [/font][font=宋体]remy hair[/font][font=宋体] is also a matter of learning. Let's take a look at how to choose a [/font][font=宋体]good [/font][font=宋体]remy human hair[/font][font=宋体] with a hairstyle according to the shape of the face.[/font]
[font=宋体] [/font]
[font=宋体]How to choose the best hair style according to the face type, each person's face type wheel catching up with the trend is not fast action! The contours and facial features are different. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle, you must develop your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and you can sort out the beautiful and beautiful hairstyles that suit your face.[/font]
[font=宋体] [/font]
[font=宋体]When analyzing your face, it is best to use a towel or hair band to comb all your hair behind your head, face the mirror and look at yourself carefully. Roughly, people's faces can be divided into the following types: diamond face, heart face, rectangular face (long face), oval face, round face.[/font]
[font=宋体]Third, rectangular face[/font]
[font=宋体]Features: Face length is longer than face width. The cheeks are long and straight. The high forehead and the long chin show a long rectangular face.[/font]
[font=宋体]Avoid: Tilted bangs will expose excessive hairline lines and increase longitudinal lines, which are considered taboos for long faces. The level of the chin is formed at zero level and straight hair. No bangs. Add a high-profile hairstyle to the top of the head.[/font]
[font=宋体]Suitable for: thick and wide bangs that cover the eyebrows in length. Curl at the end of the hair to increase the amount of BOB hair to balance the long face. Strengthen the width of the face and modify the crown area to make the round sides more rich. You can use a 7:3 ratio of the partiality, or you can also make it a little bit more, so that the face looks wider and shorter, the hair is covered in a downward direction, and the sides are preferably made of soft and fluffy hair curls. Behind it, stay a little longer. Long-faced people's hair styling should focus on shortening the face length and increasing the width of the face. It is advisable for women to have a long and medium-length hair style with a chin. Leave more bangs on your forehead, and the hair on both sides is full and fluffy. Don't stick to your cheeks. Men should stay in the head, slightly covering the forehead.[/font]
[font=宋体] [/font]
[font=宋体]Fourth, elliptical face[/font]
[font=宋体]Features: The shape of the curve. The face is about half the length of the face. The forehead is about the same width as the lower jaw. This is a perfect face in the eyes of experts, long hair and short hair are suitable, you can boldly try any hairstyle. The horizontal line from the hairline to the eyebrows accounts for about one-third of the entire face; from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, it is one-third; the distance from the tip of the nose to the chin is also one-third. The face is about one and a half times the width of the face, and the forehead is wider than the chin. Some people call it the standard duck egg face. This type of face can generally be equipped with any kind of hairstyle. However, choosing the best hair style should consider other factors such as age, side profile, distance between the eyes, and whether or not to wear glasses.[/font]
[font=宋体]Five, round face[/font]
[font=宋体]Features: Round shape. The distance between the forehead and the chin is equal to the distance between the cheeks on both sides, that is, the length of the face is approximately equal to the width of the face.[/font]
[font=宋体]Avoid: Curly hair style, because these will emphasize the round shape and richness and fullness. Avoid long hair and hair in the direction of the back. The neat bangs on the eyebrows, as well as the emphasis on the horizontal lines, make the face shorter, so that the round face can never escape childishness.[/font]
[font=宋体]Suitable for: short hair styles thinned on both sides. The partial and layered hair curtain can make the face look slender and naturally connect with the hair on both sides to create a flowing drooping feeling. Hair ends inward, short layer hairstyle. Increase the amount of hair at the top of the head to increase the height, revealing the short hair and high level of the ears on both sides. Short bangs with a slightly narrower width.[/font]

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