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Tinnitus 911 because you guys gave us a speech
02-26-2020, 04:49 PM,
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Tinnitus 911 because you guys gave us a speech
Tinnitus 911 because you guys gave us a speech in a car after Gregg's rehearsal dinner you know it's like it was dicey man because it was freaking scary to just say oh yeah I'm just gonna quit my job and then I'm gonna start from scratch and I'm just gonna get people to give me money every month through the organization tax-deductible now the thing is I you know true my brother was already on staff and he was already getting supported by people but did that kind of cut book to ways not only did it mean that a lot of people that I was going to ask had already been asked by him but I also understood that it could be done I had seen somebody do it who and my parents have seen somebody do it I don't know exactly what they thought about it at the time I think they were probably kind of excited that we were saying hey we wanted to go into full-time ministry but they were probably like oh we're gonna have another

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