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Time is really waiting
03-22-2019, 10:57 AM,
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Time is really waiting
Time is really waiting for people! Inadvertently looking through the calendar, in the middle of the night, the cold has actually passed several days. Twenty-four solar terms a year Newport Short, cold dew is the seventeenth. In a twinkling of an eye, the solar terms have passed most of the time. In other words, this year has passed most of the success of the twenty-four solar terms Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online. People seem to have renewed interest in it. The twenty-four solar terms seem to be overnight Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. It has become great again. However, for me, it is still a simple song, and it is a poetic name of "Family Songs of Spring Rain and Clear Sky...". Mr. Su Lao's "Red Cliff Fu" has a saying: "Bai Lu Hengjiang . "How beautiful a picture! The white water vapor traverses the river, in the white mist is the ridge of the distant mountains. But I grew up in the dry land of the north, I can only imagine it. "Cold dew" as the name suggests is cold Dew. This will describe how good the weather is at this time! The dew is cold, but it is only cold, and it is far from reaching the degree of condensation. If it is not, then the cold dew is not the job of robbing the frost. The ancients will It is a great wisdom to divide the weather in a year. The ancients used it to manage agriculture, but nowadays people need to use it to live in poetry. How is the closeness and understanding of nature, so that the ancestors can create such a wonderful The words are close to the ancient people's awe of the starry sky; this closeness is the dirt stuck to the tip of their nose Buy Marlboro Cigarettes. Nowadays, this closeness disappears. The tall buildings block the sight of people looking up at the sky; the immortal neon It flashes people's eyes. Yes, modern society no longer needs solar terms to guide people's lives, because technology has prepared everything for us. However, technology that should have become the gospel of mankind The closeness between man and nature has been passed down for the millennium. He should not be cut off in our generation. We should pass on this wisdom and poetry instead of making it a mosaic of history. People should live in poetry. On the earth, how many people now have no poetry in their lives. Go into nature! When you walk into nature, you don��t have to go to the mountains and rivers. We need a piece of land that allows us to smell the earth and hear the flowers Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes. Open the land. Then I will understand how the ancients made the land shine naturally. The change is that the 24th solar terms are not just a culture but a harmony between man and nature.

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