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There is you in the
11-14-2019, 09:39 AM,
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There is you in the
There is you in the depths of memory. ����Inscription moths that are eager to move. There will be no light dance steps between the flowers Cigarettes Online, no glamorous dresses; no one will stop to marvel at the color, because it is not a butterfly! Have you remembered that, in the years of the flow, see the flowers blossom and thank you, the tide rises and falls. We are addicted to the red atmosphere and are unaware of it. Half faint and half awake and half drunk Marlboro Red, can't tell the middle of the day at midnight. Breaking the boundaries of time, in this mysterious space, I have a kind of delusion that will push us forward and fly across the sky, just to pursue the belief in the heart. Crazy, let go of the illusion; mad, indulge the dance; love, difficult to understand. In the tropics of dreams, the meteors are destined to smash, and the desires can be more dazzling. On the edge of the dream, the aurora fills the side, embraces the faith, is young and frivolous, in the romantic storm, prefers to join hands like a moth to fight the fire - even if the life is in the next moment, the stars are shining, the silence, the glimmer, Looking up, you are the most flattering planet - the Venus universe, I am looking for the exit of hope under the vast night sky, but when I wake up at midnight, I can see the beautiful starlight. It is a star that never falls, guarding the peace of the night sky. The night is lost, my heart is relieved, you and me are inseparable, even though black engulfs the surroundings. You can always light my aunt's atrium, turn on the guiding light of the road, like the water flowing years, the love around at dawn, the breeze bursts, and the flowers of the garden, a breath from the distance, long and dark near the night Stuffed everything, the more mellow "beep--" a long sound, breaking the silence of the dawn, the east exposed the fish belly, the train dragged the carriage, sailed to the distance, took a circle and returned to the origin. The heart suddenly wakes up. The world is actually composed of countless small circles and small groups. Just like the trains sent by the Central Station, you bought tickets and caught up with the car. I hope it will take you to a city, or a In towns and villages, between the starting point and the ending point, you know some people, and they are separated from each other. There is nothing in the world. The trajectory of the car's operation is the footprint of my heart's light and dancing. With the long carriage, I am walking in the hustle and bustle of life, the scenery that has passed away, the love that drives to the front... As it is, the calming of letting go, it seems like Calm self-confidence, the body has turned and the rhyme is not scattered, if there is no regret Marlboro Cigarettes, how can it have that taste. On the journey of life, the condensate of small grass and small flowers, the red dust in the past, witness our friendship. Raising the sails of the years, tears, and the moment there is a wet pair of you, my love is not alone.
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