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There are two
04-07-2019, 04:53 AM,
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There are two
There are two children playing hide and seek in the park, the little boy closes his eyes, the little girl ran around the little boy, and soon the little boy caught the little girl. The little girl was very reluctant, and the old man who was licking his mouth was a crying one. When the little boy saw it, he suddenly lost his mind and licked his lips. He whispered, then go to Tibet again, and I will catch you. The little girl��s face immediately smiled. I looked at this scene. I felt that if I was separated from the world, they wouldn��t be the same as you. I still remember the first day of kindergarten. The teacher brought you thin, and you got me. Pointing at the seat next to me, I said to you, Zihao, you are sitting here, you are sitting here, I am snoring, imitating the teacher��s mouth, you sat down, quiet, not saying a word. I deliberately took out the toys in my bag. The table was occupied by me for more than half. You looked at me. I glanced at you at noon. I suddenly shouted at you, hello, what? Hao, are you delicious? You were shocked by me and violently turned your head to me. He whispered, my mother said, my name is Liang Zihao, you paused, I... I have toffee, you want Don't eat? When you say, you touched it in your little bag and took out a pack of white rabbit toffee. I was hungry and wolfed and robbed me. I peeled three pieces into my mouth and my mouth was You can't hold it, you leave me two, don't give it to me. When you said that you want to take them back from my hands, but my eyes are fast, I will grab the remaining toffee, the baby is hidden in my coat, you can only look sadly I have no kindergarten for three years. We are the best friends. You always like to follow me behind me, let me take you with you, sometimes I deliberately don't bring you, so you just stay aside and don't play with other kids. When you eat, you always like to sit next to me. I always grab the meat from your plate and you are not angry. When we were in elementary school, the two of us were in the same class. When we were in the seat, we were arranged by the teacher. I remember that the teacher finished my name that day, and I quickly ran to occupy the seat. As soon as I sat down, I put all the books on the table and occupied more than half of the table. You gave me a blank look. Although I was not happy, I didn��t dare to say anything. I don't like to study, the results are very bad, almost every class will be criticized by the teacher. At that time, Teacher Zhang, who taught us mathematics, was also our class teacher. In fact, I didn��t like him very much. Every time I was in class, I had to set up the book and then I went to sleep behind the book. Because of this, he often asked me to ask the parents. I hate him. However, your performance is surprisingly good. You can test the first place in the school with almost no effort. I am very puzzled, and I have not seen how hard you study hard. Is my brain different from yours? The problem has plagued me for a long time, but I didn't ask you that your grades have been so good. My grades have been so bad. You often stand on the high podium, and I can only stand under the stage. I have to look at you far away. When you come down from the podium, I redden both hands. You gave me the prize certificate. I opened it. Hao Ran saw the words "Liang Zihao". I gave you a thumbs up. When you watched me always smirking at junior high school, I barely mixed up with you Buy Newports. Same school. We can't be in a class anymore. Your class is a good student like you. The students in my class are just like me. However, you come to school every day after school. I often don't have time to eat breakfast because I get up too late. When I hear you shouting my name at the door, I grabbed my bag and ran out quickly. Halfway through, my stomach was hungry and you stopped Cheap Newport 100. Get off the car, for a little while, you will bring a few hot buns to me, you will stuff me the buns and continue to ride. I am sitting in the back seat of your car, oh, oh, eat the buns, your score is still so good, my score is still so bad, you accept the prize on the stage, I look at you under the stage, I still erect for you. Thumb, but I am rarely happy for you, because you are really good, with you, the more I feel that I am not a good student. So I was angry, I was determined not to take your car, you had to push the car with me, but I yelled at you, not letting you follow me, you looked at me innocently, stopped, and waited for me to go out. After a long distance, you started riding on the car, but you are riding very slowly. We just walked on the road once and after school. When you found out that I was going to find you, you didn��t believe it until you I am sitting in your car, you are happy to ride the car fast. You keep talking, but I didn't listen to it. Finally, you finally noticed, you stopped, you asked me, what happened? I don't say anything. You asked me several times, and I was so swallowed that I was going to die! You were shocked by me, and the bicycle "dangling" fell to the ground. You asked me what happened? I was blushing and whispered that there was a lot of blood on my trousers Marlboro 100S Carton. I turned and let you see. You saw that there was really blood on my outer pants. You were terrified. Pulling me up and running to my house. My mother is just at home, you let my mother take me to the hospital quickly, you are sweating and incoherent. Finally, my mother finally understood what was going on. She wiped the sweat on her head and told you not to worry Cigarettes Wholesale Price, come back tomorrow. Then I sent you out the next morning. You ran to me and asked me how I was. I said that I was fine. You didn't believe it. I said I swear I was really fine. I remember. I also sneaked two times at the time. You believe that when you were in high school, your parents changed jobs. You moved your family to the field. We have lost contact since then. I have never seen you again. You should grow taller? Are you getting fat? The results should still be so good? Will you recognize them when you meet? You don��t know, since you left, I am looking for you everywhere, no one knows where you went? You The owner of the bookstore that I used to visit told me that you might go to Hainan. Since then, I have made up my mind to find you. I started to attend classes on time and listened carefully. When I was on the final exam, I actually took the top three in the class. I finally had the opportunity to come to the stage to receive the award, just like you used to. The moment I stood on the podium, I suddenly found out that the feeling of being a good student was so good, so I remembered you now, we have not seen each other for seven or eight years. I remember you told me before Marlboro Usa Price, you want to be a pilot, I don't know if your dream has been realized? You can't remember, I told you before, when I grow up, I want to be a writer. Now I can only be regarded as a half writer. You have to bless me to become a real writer as soon as possible. Well, Shakespeare said that youth is a short-lived dream. When you wake up, it has disappeared without a trace. Do you know? After you left, I often wondered if you are just a short-lived dream in my youth.

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