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There are thousands
07-09-2019, 10:25 AM,
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There are thousands
There are thousands of kinds of metaphors about life, such as chess, like water, like "a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet", but "the benevolent sees people, the wise sees wisdom" I feel that life is more like a book, a thick and enduring autobiography, both an author and a reader. Everyone is crying with the world Marlboro Lights, like a piece of white paper, there is nothing on it, a blank space. As the age grows, the record on this paper becomes more and more, and it becomes a book when it is old. Everyone in the book has a different attitude towards life, so the content of writing is different. The effect of graffiti and cynicism is quite different from that of swearing and swearing. Nowadays, I have put my youth into the "military articles". The pen of time has been inadvertently parked on the "25-year-old" page, and I have looked at my life's "making", and I am very embarrassed. The feeling of "not" is the 25-year-old curiosity, reading the "Life Collection" of the past "Da Ren", gently flipping the page of "25 years old", I saw: Li Shimin at the age of 25 (AD 623) and his brother Li Jiancheng teamed up to repel 150,000 Turkic army. This year, the emperor's dream sprouted in his heart. Three years later (AD 626), the Xuanwumen coup was launched, and the masters of the era became the masters. When Li Si was 25 years old (255 BC), he still worked as a small book in Shangcai. His name was unknown. In this year, he decided not to vain this life after thinking about it, so he went to his hometown to worship the monk as a teacher, and later in 7 years. Qin Guo became the door of Lu Buwei Eight years later Newport Cigarettes Coupons, he became the guest of the government. He eventually helped Qin Wang to dominate the world and became the "first national phase" of Daqin. When Buffett was 25 years old (1956), Buffett Partners Ltd. was established. Four years later, he worked at Newman, with a mastery of $500,000. After 6 years, the capital in charge reached 7.2 million US dollars, of which 1 million belonged to him. Eight years later, his personal wealth reached 4 million US dollars. He has many researches and breakthroughs, laying the foundation for his academic achievements. When Le, they are brilliant, and Huang Huang won this year, and I am 25 years old! Ordinary soldier is my "business card." Although I am as ordinary as a passerby, I still struggled to run on the strong army journey, using my youth pen to sculpt the "military camp big stage", writing my different "camouflage" with sweat and blood. . Zhang Ailing said: "Becoming famous early," there is an old saying in China that "good food is not afraid of late." When Liu Bang was 25 years old, he was still a street gangster; when Andersen was 25 years old, he was only in the big city and was worried about his livelihood; when Napoleon was 25, he was still a junior officer. But the fire of hope in their hearts has been burning long ago, not to be discouraged by the time, not to fall back because of setbacks, thus having the reputation and success Carton Of Cigarettes. The men in the army can only survive the prosperity if they can stand the loneliness. This article of the military requires us to write a calm stroke. The book of life still has to be tasted one by one. Our time and energy are limited. Therefore, we should not waste too much to remember the past and hurt the future Marlboro Gold. All we can do is cherish the present. I hope that when I am "hanging old", I will open the "25-year-old" page again and see that "Strive to run, to move forward" is like a book, the book is full of youthful aspirations, write Unfinished military pride, run, my 2015, another kind of "25 years old"!

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