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The voice of the tears
04-18-2019, 10:32 AM,
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The voice of the tears
The voice of the tears of the daughter, the fragrance of Yan, where is the shack. The red dragonfly nights the cold river snow, the idiot is the thirteen lang. Tell the audience from the perspective of the storyteller that thirteen is idiotic rather than idiot. This is like reading the red building in the world. It is full of ridiculous words, a bitter tear, and the author of the cloud is crazy. The layout of the film is also very interesting. Two lines of narrative, one is that the storyteller has moved after the year. The new time and space to tell the story, the other is the long-awaited life of the thirteen lang. But the audience is in front of the screen, and in another time and space, with the storyteller's martyrdom to enter the life of the thirteen lang, so the movie under the triple time and space structure seems to have a taste at the end of the film. The man once again set the scene for the Thirteen Lang. He was half-life mad, but he was a true genius. He was not accepted by the world, but he was only able to appear in front of the world without knowing the madness. "The broken hat covers the downtown area, leaking the boat and carrying the wine in the middle of the stream. Hiding into the small building into a unified system, he is in the winter and summer and spring and autumn." He is crazy, is up, crazy, silly, everyone has long been indistinguishable. But his heart is like a mirror, a piece of ice is in the jade pot, the infatuation is absolutely a script, and he is obsessed with writing his own idiots. He is obsessed with deep meaning Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. He seems to be young and young, but he can know the patriotic salvation at a young age. The May Fourth Movement and the ability to burn the principal��s mosquito net to actually support the youth progressive students�� movement Marlboro Reds 100S Carton. His idiots, idiots in the weak water three thousand take a scoop. Even if the father of Sai Meng tasted, a daughter-in-law, the home of a half-wife slave, he was self-reliant, ridiculed his father who did not know who the mother was, and did not know the child's gender. At the party, Lili fell in love at first sight. He went from Hong Kong to Shanghai. He was deeply affectionate but could not pay homage to the gold. He would have a heart to the moon, and he would like to see his idiots in the moon, and he was obsessed with the essays. , to the full control of the show. He is full of talents, Xue Wu Ge sings on the stage, he knows the full text can also know that the rhyme is used reasonably and sings accurately. I wrote a night, I was agile, and it seemed to be a layman. In fact, the person who sang three dramas at the same time was the Nanhai Shi Lang, and he was very good. It is worthy of the name of five words, but he is also "Snow Mountain White Phoenix", Fengqi Wutong, Nirvana I. It is flaming and angry. His injustice, the world is difficult to understand, his sorrow, the world disdains. I am thinking about why the name of the film uses the five characters of Nanhai Thirteen Lang instead of the Snow Mountain White Phoenix. Perhaps it is the body of the vicissitudes of life. It is really hard to be like this. It is like the praise of Coats Crystal Snow. Ignorance will kill the genius a little bit. At the beginning of the film, thirteen used English alarms to say that the shoes were stolen and could not walk. The thieves were Japanese and British. They stole the Chinese shoes. It is difficult for him to stand on the ground. It is the national hardship, and the powers divide the motherland. Distressed. He ridiculed the patrolman in the British concession in the country of the country. Mr. Lu Xun mourned his misfortune and angered him. In the fluent foreign language, in order to change his Chinese heart, his shoes were also stolen by fools. The three transcripts are just transcripts that can't keep up with his active sings. Later, the iron hoofs of the sun smashed the rivers and mountains. He used the pen and the army, but he encountered no shame and no righteous script. The mountains and rivers are broken and the wind is blowing, but the sound of the sound is screaming. Facing the so-called labor performances that are full of flesh bombs at the camp, he is angry with such a play. After watching the soldiers, they can��t fight, they have to wash their eyes! If he does not make a fortune, he insists that being a play is also a man, and the play is to reveal a correct path to life. In the face of the loyal and obsolete rhetoric, he was furious, waving his fist and angering the meat writer. Later, the war of resistance finally came to an end. The people were eager for joy and peace, and the drama dramas developed rapidly, but they also blamed them. What the orangutan went to a good woman, the bead was dark, and after 18 years, the son of the beast was the mother of the mountain. What did he return to his hometown from the army, and he never succumbed to the resurrection of the niece of the emperor��s lover? These are really vulgar and terrible scripts, and he was shocked by the horror, and the angry and stunned audience did have a big gap with the writers, but they did not look at them first. What, the writer's screenwriter should write a script for them. Why are writers writers, writers are writers, because they can write works that lead people to be positive, because they can write meaningful works, not just to cater to the audience. The development of upward development and optimization is the general trend of the evolution of the entire species. Whether we are divided into audiences or authors, we should conform to the trend of development. Peace and development are the themes of the times, and such themes are accurate in any aspect of our lives Newport Cartons For Sale. Look at the production of the current TV series, what are the works that are displayed, and the things that have been replaced by these worldly styles are also on the table! The market access in the entertainment industry is too low Order Newport Cigarettes, or the audience appreciates. Levels, personal experiences are declining in decline. The tragedy of the market is full of bad money to drive out good money Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa. In such a situation of four sides, the genius can still insist on what? The genius of the spring is white, the lower Liba is awkward, the song is high and the widow is difficult. No one can understand his talents. His drama is not

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