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The stages of the steps of an integrated website design
05-04-2021, 05:48 AM,
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The stages of the steps of an integrated website design
The stages of the steps of an integrated website design
The steps for designing an integrated website start from several stages, and we can clarify each important stage in the following:
It is necessary to make a complete visualization of the external and internal form of the site, by writing this or drawing it on regular pages of paper to provide the visualization before entering into the practical application.
Start preparing the photos by designing them in Photoshop, in addition to providing other design programs.
Determine and buy a publishing template for your site, and before that, you have to create the hosting and domain
This can be done by dealing with a professional programmer or resorting to a well-known programming company, such as a technology company, which is one of the best web design companies
Creating designs for visitors through computer and laptop screens or through mobile phones
As each of them has a different interface, so when you set the template you have to design and specify the features and the general appearance with colors.
Providing icons for the sections at the top of the homepage of the site or on the sides, so that the visitor can get acquainted with all the sections of the site
Which greatly helps in achieving the greatest possible benefit from the visits.

Types of website templates
There are three popular types of molds and they are the most popular among electronic template designers
When you come to know the steps for designing an integrated website, you should familiarize yourself with those types, which are:
News site template:
This template has the advantage of being multi-windowed, in which you will find a large number of divisions for news sections, and you will also find in it the ability to move images and articles continuously, so that it can attract the reader and visitor to all electronic topics and news in it.
Informational website template:
This heart is characterized by the availability of multiple forms for the icons of the sections, so that they can express the quality of the content that you are working to present to the visitor.
Marketing Website Template:
This quality is used in electronic stores for the purpose of promoting products and activating the buying and selling process.
Thus, we have explained most of the basic points related to the most important steps of an integrated website design
So that you can easily make profit through these sites in a simple period without the need to pay a lot of money.
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