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The specific content of grinding
08-26-2019, 05:41 AM,
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The specific content of grinding
In the ore beneficiation industry, grinding is the continuation of crushing as well as the preparation of ore beneficiation. The main purpose of dolomite mill is to gain the ground products formed by the optimum granularity and to provide raw materials for the proceeding magnetic separating process.
The most-frequently used equipment in grinding is cylinder-type ore grinding mill whose grinding process is: put the materials in the continuously rotating cylinder inside of which there are some grinding media with different shapes such as balls, rods or large rocks, and when the cylinder rotates with a certain speed, those grinding media will be driven to produce impacting and grinding effect, thus grinding the materials, and then the useful minerals are separated or different useful minerals separated from each other through such industrial process as classifying.
The grinding mill often forms grinding circuit with the grading equipment. Classifying is a very important preparatory process in the ore beneficiation process. It is a process in which the materials are classified to two or more granularity levels according to the different falling speed in the media.
Different from screening which is related to the size of the hole of the screen, classifying is related not only to the granularity of the materials, but to the density and shape of the ore particles. The power consumption of grinding is pretty huge, with the electricity consumption of 6-30kwh/t, accounting for 30-75% of the total electricity consumption of the ore beneficiation plant. So seen from the importance of production and economic interests, it is significant to simulate and research the power consumption of grinding and improve the grinding method and technology.

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