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The song "Sailor" sing
06-14-2019, 10:07 AM,
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The song "Sailor" sing
The song "Sailor" sings from high school to high school, and the lyrics are familiar in the heart. However, it is only a glimpse of the usual time, never feel the power of a song. In the third year of high school Parliament Cigarettes, the three sisters sang this song to me. I don't know why, my heart is warm Cigarettes For Sale, and all the unpleasant emotions are gone. Now I look back at high school for three years. All the frustrations and confusions can only be summed up in one sentence. Everything is not a problem. In the future, what we have to face is that the ordinary night is already deep, and I promise that one will not stay up late, but now it is against the promise Carton Of Cigarettes. I can only say a little, I am sorry. You look at those bones, grotesque, some laugh, some cry, some fear, some anger, suicide, killing accidental diseases, there is always a simple reason to make the world's hard to shave very clean, no matter what means In the end, the soul and the body are also sharply divided Cheap Cigarettes, painful? What a pity? Not willing? Regret? In such a notebook, every day I write about basically similar content Newport 100S. We seem to be in a circle that is surrounded by people, even if you pretend to be unpretentious, do not admit destiny, even if you are proud After the unwillingness, fight again, fight again, still fall in this circle, there is still a breath in the land that can accommodate the emperor. I tried a lot of ways to escape, but also changed a lot of postures, anti-heel, take the big top, only hate to have a pair of wings to fly a circle, can close your eyes, dreams, dreams, or almost the same The scenery is almost desolated. People are not used to gray, and feel gray and death. But the world in my eyes is gray. I turned out the brush of my childhood and tried to change it. I can let me find it anymore. Gray, the brush has no other choice, so the world is getting gray, I cried, crying, tears, crying eyes, crying vocal cords, crying the internal organs, and finally I crawled in the uninhabited gray The swamp, bit by bit, and the birds that pass by occasionally remind me that it is just a pile of gray soil, which has been sucked up by the gray grasses around me. When the wind blows, it will bypass me.
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