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The main accessories of impact crusher
10-19-2019, 06:30 AM,
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The main accessories of impact crusher
The accessories are the important part of impact crusher, which needs regular replacement. The accessories are also known as wearing parts if vertical shaft impact crusher, which mainly include plate hammer, side protecting plate, back plate, square steel and pressing block, which is made of high chromium and high manganese wear resistant materials.
1. Plate hammer: plate hammer adopts high chromium alloy materials and the latest manufacturing technology, which has unique structure and design. The finished product is in cubic shape with no tension and fracture. It is the high wear resistance casting component. When the plate hammer wears to a certain degree, it should be timely adjusted or changed, so as to avoid the injury of fasteners and other parts.
2. Side protecting plate: side protecting plate is an important vulnerable component of impact crusher. It will be worn after long term using, and its resisting ability will decline, thus often causing the accident and the decline of its sealing performance. Therefore, much dust will be generated.
3. Impact plate: impact plate is generally welded with the steel plate. The back surface is provided with a wear-resistant lining board, which also can use the counter roller or grate board with a slot of the back surface. The fine content of the product is less, at the same time; the production capacity can be increased. It is energy saving, but it also has other defects, for example, the structure is complex, the back surface is hard to replace after being worn, fast abrasion, etc.
4. Square steel: square steel is in square shape, which can be divided into welded and seamless types. Seamed steel is welded by steel plates to make square steel tube. Seamless steel pipe is formed by seamless steel, and its compressive capacity is far greater than the seamed steel.
5. The pressing block: it is widely used in all kinds of mining machinery, which has high quality and stable performance. It can be produced according to the different production requirements of customers. After the load running test, the necessary adjustments must be made on the pressing blocks. Fote pressing block has excellent characteristics of stable chemical composition, reasonable heat treatment process, good wear resistance, high strength, etc.

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