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The last bus took me
02-23-2019, 09:29 AM,
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The last bus took me
The last bus took me carefully and the people who were as late as me were driving. Most of the cars in the train are peasants who are as simple as their fathers. This snow has made them happy with "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year"! seems that the good harvest of the coming year has been stable. So they don't care about the slow driving of the car, so that the whole car is full of hearty and cheerful folks Cheap Newports C, I can't join the restless, I have been shaking my family's eyes. That look is happy for a while, worry for a while, angry for a while..he past one hour, I walked for 2 hours today. I didn��t wait for the car to stop. I looked at the small road in the village. There are a few vague figures standing in the snow, father and mother and brother, must be!hout waiting for the car to stop, I hurriedly rushed to the village road. When I approached the village, with two dogs, a shadow arrow usually came to me, as if it were an old black dog at home.eling of guilt poured into my heart, my heart was hot, and the tears in my eyes were quietly wiped away and ran to my loved ones. family was once again reunited. Looking at the father, the mother and the younger brother's snow, listening to their greetings of concern, facing their joyful eyes, I feel very happy inside. I also tried to keep the smile on my face and hide my uneasinessre is a saying in his hometown: "It's better to eat dumplings Short Newport Cigarettes." When the father put on a good table, the mother put on a large steamed dumpling Newport Cigarettes Reviews, and when the younger brother put on the chopsticks, I could no longer restrain the feeling of guilt and looked at it. Parents swallowed their own thoughts. "Dad, Mom, we... we have passed the exam..." Didn't wait for Dad and Mom to answer, the younger brother of the mouth took over: "Brother, my parents have already known, and I have three students from the high school of a school and you." I came back and said it earlier, my parents saw that you are not coming, I wonder if you have not tested well, I am afraid that you are sad, and I will not mention this matter with all my strength. Since you said it, I will tell you!" The younger brother turned to look at his father and mother Carton Cigarettes For Sale Online, and solemnly said: "Dad, Mom, I did a good job!" Looking at the innocent brother, the father smiled gently, and the mother groaned: "You This child Marboro Cigerettes For Sale." He also laughed.he father smiled, he became serious and said slowly: "Children, you are not too small, you know everything. Your mother and I are counting on you to give us a sigh of relief! You can do things with me and you. Mom can't help, I talked to your mother about everything, and the rest, you are measuring yourself.mother gave me a dumpling and comforted me: "Your father and I know that studying in high school is very difficult. As long as you worry about it, parents don't blame yurned to school, the family sent me to the set. When I got on the bus, my father patted me on the shoulder and looked at his son who was almost as tall as his son. He only said one sentence: "I will return soon after the next test." Home." I can't answer anything, just looking at my parents and solemnly nodding. Counted as my solemn promise. "Brother, this is for you, look at the car!" Brother gave me a r started, and I sat in the last seat as usual, in order to see more of m figure of the father, mother and younger brother gradually became blurred and eventually disappeared in the field of vision. I turned back and opened the note that my brother gave me: "Brother, are you nervous about the exam? I tell you a way, take a deep breath, then close your eyes and exhale gently, three times in a row, you are not nervous. I used it during the exam, it works well!" My heart was hot, and the long-depressed tears came up.

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