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The feeding system of ball mill has been greatly improved
10-17-2019, 06:50 AM,
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The feeding system of ball mill has been greatly improved
In recent years, the feeding system of ball mill has been improved. During the past few year, the majority of the ball mill spoon head is the united feeder, because the spoon head is clumsy and eccentric, and when digging and sedimentary ore, it has friction and impact, the eccentric load and shock load of the ball mill will produce periodic, the motor operation under variable load condition, not only the capacity will be increased and current fluctuation will be large, but also will lead to the acceleration of rendering half cycle and the deceleration transmission of the half cycle. The eccentric load and shock load has great impact on the main bearing wear, gear stress, the size of the connecting bolt, barrel meshing and motor heating, which will shorten the service life of ball mill.

By adopting the drum feeder, it can avoid the above drawbacks, but we also need to transform the return system of classifier, extend the classifier groove, adjust the installation angle, so as to change the distance between ball mill and classifier. Increase the automatic return body in the upper end of the upper ore discharge from the classifier. With the help of return launder, elevation and ore gravity, the ore will flow into the feeder. The ball mill after transformation will not only improve the equipment reliability and maintainability, but also has obvious energy saving effect.

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