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The definition of freedom
06-14-2019, 10:08 AM,
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The definition of freedom
The definition of freedom should be unrestricted and constrained by oneself. The so-called unrestricted and constrained should be relative. Whether it is a person, an animal or a plant, you cannot leave the embrace of nature. Under the influence of the sun, the raining of rain, and the change of day and night, all living bodies are free to carry out activities, change, reproduction Newport Cigarettes, and freedom of life. The space for freedom of movement of animals and plants is orderly and finite, and it is impossible to put aside the rules of survival and the environment. The space of freedom of life is also chapters and festivals. It cannot be contrary to the norms of behavior, responsibility, laws and regulations. The commonality of plant survival is that they must directly face the grace and punishment of nature, and in the natural space where they coexist. Mutual invasion Newport Cigarettes Coupons, mutual dependence, and mutual accommodation. All animals have their active territory, these areas are the free space for the growth of future generations, and the scope of responsibility for the generation itself. The lush vegetation is also because of the good vegetation and natural environment, it is possible to have a vast and vast free forest. Their freedom never exceeds the freedom of the space on which they depend. The freedom of the children is unconcerned, enjoying the innocent, innocent childhood. The freedom of young people is in an unfettered fantasy Enjoy the pursuit and romantic youth. The freedom of people to middle age is to swim between family and children. The absolute responsibility and concern are bound to the space of people's freedom. It is precisely because of the responsibility of responsibility, the migrant workers have abandoned the price of family and nostalgia, in exchange for the freedom of future hope. If people choose absolute freedom, what will happen? There is no doubt that it will be the sorrow of humanity and the tragedy of life. The so-called absolute freedom, first of all, abandoning the reality of family and friendship Parliament Cigarettes, as well as the love and family, can be exchanged for absolute freedom of space and time Wholesale Cigarettes, free and chic, unrestrained, and the world. Those who have been responsible, promised, concerned, and obligated have long been the old songs of the past, and the reality of their own freedom, happiness, enjoyment, has become the melody of the ongoing. Such people are indifferent, selfish, and ruthless. It doesn't matter, it hangs high, and it's carefree. Take a free and happy body, and ignore the families of relatives and friends. The past afflictions, happy times, happy families, long-term attributes are not in memory. In fact, people's contribution and return, in a certain aspect, a certain period of time, should be the range that people expect to bear. If the maximum value paid, in exchange for a minimum return or a piecemeal benefit, is a portrayal of its own inferior value. No need to use any pretext, any blame, any reason to perfuse the question. Because this kind of paying option is destined that freedom of death should be green, interesting life, freedom should not be colorless, disorderly indulgence. Freedom is not a never-ending parabola, but a curve with a regular trajectory that lies on the horizontal line of the "X" axis. Freedom is also the concept of abstraction, the voice of freedom, the god of freedom, the respect of freedom, the kingdom of freedom, the dream of freedom, freedom from freedom or a dream, the desire for freedom, and the fight for freedom. Freedom may be a symbol, such as a question mark? Or an exclamation point! It is more likely to be a person who is absolutely free, and should think about how you will face when you are old.
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