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The Texans executed a plan that prompted the Jaguars to bench quarterback Blake Bortl
12-18-2018, 05:47 AM,
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The Texans executed a plan that prompted the Jaguars to bench quarterback Blake Bortl
So how did they pull it off?Safety Tyrann Mathieu told PFT by phone after Sunday’s win that the Texans knew that Bortles likes to tuck the ball and run when his first read isn’t there. So the goal was to force him to try to go to his second read — or to make him think the first read would be there when it really wasn’t.“We wanted to try to make him think a little bit ,” Mathieu said. “We wanted to try to get him to go read to read.”Mathieu said he was nevertheless surprised that the Jaguars made the change from Blake Bortles to Cody Kessler, and that the Jaguars increased the tempo and did more hurry-up offense after putting the backup in.Mathieu intercepted a Kessler pass. Mathieu explained that, on the play, the Houston defense was in Cover Two and that he noticed a potential overthrow to running back T.J. Yeldon. The overthrow happened, Yeldon tipped the ball, and Mathieu caught it in stride.Brian Cushing Talks PED Suspensions Ryan Griffin Jersey , Concussions, Life, And More With Arian Foster Former Houston Texans linebacker, leader, and current free agent Brian Cushing recently appeared on the excellent “Now What?” podcast hosted by Arian Foster.Foster and Cushing apparently were good friends during their time together in Houston, and Arian wanted to peel the veneer back on Cushing’s Lattimer persona Authentic Julien Davenport Jersey , which is apparently a bit of an act.[Image: nike_texans_1489.jpg]

Cushing discusses his PED suspensions, what it’s like to be free agent, his rookie season, his thoughts on Arian as a rookie, nutrition/fitness, and the pair have what I thought was a very interesting conversation about concussions... and much more Youth Bruce Ellington Jersey , of course.If you’re a longtime Texans fan, this one is worth your time, especially if you’ve enjoyed Arian’s previous hits with current and former Texans like DeAndre Hopkins, Andre Johnson, and Duane Brown.What other current or former Texans would you like to hear make an appearance on “Now What?”If I had to pick one guy, I’d love to hear Arian try to get Ed Reed to speak honestly about his time in Houston.I also think Matt Schaub would be interesting because Arian isn’t afraid to broach the difficult subjects , and if Schaub’s honest, I’m sure he’d have some choice things to say about the way he was treated on his way out of town.

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