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! The Great Raiderdamus has returned
06-14-2019, 05:09 AM,
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! The Great Raiderdamus has returned
Greetings Isaiah Johnson Jersey 2019 , Raider fans! The Great Raiderdamus has returned with not just predictions for the Raiders’ first rounders, but the entirety of Oakland’s picks until the very end of the draft. And as I,..."Greetings, Raider fans! The Great Raiderdamus has returned with not just predictions for the Raiders’ first rounders, but the entirety of Oakland’s picks until the very end of the draft. And as I, the Sultan of Seers, am currently on location in Nashville, I will be live at the Draft reporting on all the goings-on from the very belly of the beast. Tune into the Poobah of Prognostication’s Twitter on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for pictures and analysis of how bad the Titans fans smell.Anyway, here goes the seven-round Raiders mock. I suspect Oakland will do its fair share of wheeling and dealing, but here’s a full draft I’d be highly comfortable with if they decide to stand pat.Round 1, Pick 4: Josh Allen, Edge, KentuckyWe’ve seen plenty of mocks that show Quinnen Williams sliding to the Raiders. Don’t buy it. Williams is the best player in this draft and someone will make a move for him. That leaves Josh Allen for the Raiders, and that’s a home run in my eyes. Allen is a beast off the edge and had a tremendous impact on every game he was in. He can rush the passer, stuff the run and is a capable coverage guy from an outside linebacker spot. Perfect fit for Oakland.Round 1, Pick 24: Noah Fant, TE, IowaFant would be the top tight end in this draft were it not for his teammate, TJ Hockenson, who is a potential top-10 pick. Is the difference in talent between the two players worthy of a 14-pick difference in draft position? No. Fant is a steal anywhere after Pick 15.Round 1, Pick 27: Nasir Adderley, S, DelawareAdderley is not only the best safety in this draft, he also can play corner and his skills at CB are on par with many of the top corners available in this draft. Adderley has almost no weaknesses to his game so long as you don’t put him all alone single-high. He’s a stud.Round 2, Pick 35: Marquise Brown, WR, OklahomaI’m sure some of you noticed that the last two Heisman winners were Sooner quarterbacks. What did these two men, Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, have in common? Why, that would be the services of Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, cousin of new Raiders WR Antonio Brown. Raider fans have been paralyzed by fear at the thought of the Chiefs taking Brown to pair with or replace Tyreek Hill, so the Raiders should take him instead and pair him with his own cousin.Round 4, Pick 106: David Long, CB, MichiganLong is a pure press-man cover corner with absolutely elite coverage skills despite his size at 5’10” and 196 pounds. He attacks receivers at the line of scrimmage and bumps them off routes with ferocity and aplomb. His footwork is impeccable and he has good long speed and runs 4.45. His issue is that his size may give him issues against bigger receivers, but at Michigan, opposing offenses rarely threw his way for a reason. Pardon the pun, but he’s a true wolverine at corner.Round 5, Pick 140: Jalen Jelks, Edge, OregonJelks has been an overlooked sack artist since his redshirt freshman year in 2015, collecting three sacks in limited time. He had 6.5 sacks in his junior year in 2017. He could be a situational pass rusher in the NFL Cheap Isaiah Johnson Jersey , but to be an every-down DE with his hand in the dirt he’ll need to add about 20 pounds to his 6’5”, 256-pound frame. He knows how to get to the quarterback, but he’ll need to get bigger to match up with blockers at the next level. In Round 5, there aren’t many pass rushers of his ability left.Round 7, Pick 218: Gary Johnson, LB, TexasJohnson stood out as a middle linebacker in Texas after being a three-sport athlete in high school in Alabama and winning a state title in the 100 meter dash. He ran a 4.45 at the Combine and he has impressive straight-line speed. His lateral movement leaves something to be desired, but he’s a fine downhill tackler and a superlative special teams player.Round 7, Pick 235: Ken Webster, CB, Ole MissWebster is probably not starting corner material, but he’s fast enough and carries enough punch to make his mark as a nickel corner. He’s a willing tackler but his cover skills fell off after a serious knee injury. Maybe he gets them back? There’s a lot of potential to work with here.Both Raiders and Browns have reason for beef with some terrible officiating Sunday Any time a game is as hard-fought as the Raiders and Browns game Sunday, there will be areas to nitpick. An easy target is the officiating. In this one, no one needed to nitpick to see just how bad it was, but it wasn’t one-sided in in how bad it was.Browns fans would probably disagree that it was one-sided because it was an overturned first down call that essentially cost them the game.The thing is, I am not even talking about that call. That one was really close and visual evidence suggests that the call on the field was wrong. Hyde’s elbow was down with the ball not past the line to gain, so overturning the first down ruling was the correct call. But it really could just as easily have stood as called on the field. Sure, that was a huge play, and you can debate whether it was the right one if you like. This article isn’t about debatable calls. Even though as someone who watched his Ducks get robbed by the officials against Stanford two weeks ago, I can relate to the way the Browns fans are feeling right now.There were two other plays in this game that could have completely changed the landscape of this game had it not been for some highly questionable officiating.Let’s start with the Raiders catching a HUGE break late in the game on third and 9 that should have been a strip sack by Myles Garrett on Derek Carr and very well would hav resulted in a defensive touchdown had the officials not blew the play dead for no reason. Here Kirk Herbstreit is beside himself trying to figure out what the officials were looking at.There really is no justification for this call. It was terrible and it was crucial. Combine it with the overturned first down run by Hyde and there were probably a few TV remotes stuck in televisions in Cleveland.The Browns had just taken a 35-34 lead on the previous possession so a fumble return for a touchdown could have been devastating for the Raiders.The thing is, that was not the first Raiders possession in which the officials blew the play dead well before it was over. This one staved off disaster, but the first one was devastating for them.The play was blown dead despite the fact that Marshawn was still breaking tackles and had he been allowed to continue, he may have been up the sideline and gone for the score.“Why would you have a quick whistle with Marshawn Lynch?” Gruden asked Monday. “I don’t understand how you can blow a whistle like they did yesterday, but some of the runs he’s making, some of the finishes and determination he is putting on tape is unbelievable. I don’t see many guys in football running like this.”Marshawn showed in the overtime period just why you never blow the play dead on him with his huge 11-yard run, breaking several tackles to set up the game-winning 29-yard field goal.Due to the Marshawn run having been blown dead, Raiders fans will say the uncalled Carr fumble is a make-up call. But two wrongs don’t make a right. It may balance things out some, but one should never try and justify bad officiating.Speaking of which, there was one more absolutely heinous bit of officiating in this game. And as you might expect, it involved the new ridiculous implementation of roughing the passer penalties.Arden Key rushed at Baker Mayfield as he threw and got a hit on him. It was not a hard hit, it wasn’t helmet-to-helmet, he didn’t tackle him and put his weight on him, and he even threw his arms out to the side to try and make it clear. The flags still flew. This time it was Rich Eisen who was puzzled as to how this could possibly be a penalty.That gave the Browns a first down and they drove for their first score.The officials were definitely flag happy in this game. To their credit (and lowering the bar considerably when I say that) they picked up a flag they threw on a Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie hit in overtime that, had it been deemed a penalty, would have given the Browns an automatic first down in Raiders territory, putting them close to field goal range to win it. But they talked it out and picked up the flag.“That was a good job picking that flag up,” Gruden said. “Playing a zone coverage and the wide receiver is running a crossing route. He’s got to sit down in zone. He ran right through a zone. If you run through a stoplight, you’re going to get hit by a car. That’s really what happened. I thought Cromartie did a great job. Avoiding head-to-head contact, he didn’t lower his head. He hit him with his shoulder. It’s a great lesson for all receivers out there. If you’re playing against zone coverage, you don’t stay on the move. You sit down. I’m glad they picked that flag up, honestly.“I don’t enjoy this much coverage about bad officiating. The zebras should never be the story in a game. But they inserted themselves into the storyline of this game big time. The Browns fans are more angry because in the end, they would lose on three late calls in which they feel they were robbed. One of which they are absolutely right. While the Raiders feel like they spent the day digging out of holes from two earlier bad calls.NFL rules and officiating is such a joke now. I almost feel bad for the officials trying to implement all the new rules. It can’t be easy.Follow @LeviDamien

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