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Summary of characteristics of ultrafine mill
04-02-2020, 06:22 AM,
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Summary of characteristics of ultrafine mill
The ultrafine mill used in mining, chemical industry and other industries can provide relatively fine finished powder for production. It is a very important fine powder production equipment. It has a wide range of applications, and it is not only efficient and energy-saving in production. It also realizes people's needs for environmental protection and intelligent operation. The machine has a good application in the market. This is all due to the advantages of the equipment. This article is to introduce the characteristics of the super mill. What's the problem.
All the characteristics of the ultrafine mill are due to the improvement of the structure. The optimization of the structure makes the performance of the machine more perfect, and it can play a better efficiency in the production process. The following introduces the improvement of the structure of the equipment. Specific characteristics.
1. The middle body and base of the ultra-fine milling machine adopt a completely soft connection connection method without rigid contact. This can prevent the vibration in the mill from being transmitted to the middle body and the analyzer during the production process. Can effectively improve the accuracy of powder selection;
2. The processing of materials in the production of ultra-fine grinding equipment is inseparable from the powder selection process. This is mainly achieved by the analysis machine. The converted analysis machine uses variable frequency speed regulation to control the speed more. Process, greatly improving the degree of automation and the accuracy of powder selection;
3. In order to meet the environmental protection requirements of production, the ultra-fine mill adopts a bypass powder collector, which can effectively improve the efficiency of powder collection and avoid environmental pollution;
Superfine mill picture
4. The operation of the ultra-fine milling machine in production is very stable, because the production base is processed by using production materials with better vibration damping performance, higher strength and good impact resistance, and then the reducer and the motor are transmitted by a V-belt. Power, which is conducive to overload protection, cleverly prevents faults in the production process, and improves the stability of operation;
This article mainly analyzes some characteristics of the ultra-fine mill equipment. It is introduced in combination with the structure of the machine. The improvement of the structure is the root cause of the perfect performance. The improvement of the performance has a great effect on the improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of faults.

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