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Starlin Castro Youth Jersey
10-08-2019, 09:55 AM,
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Starlin Castro Youth Jersey
Owning land or real estate Martin Prado Youth Jersey , to be in a home that a patron can call their own is in essence the dream of freedom. To have a place that can honestly be called one's own. To be able to worship freely how one wants, to be able to protect the property that is considered ones own. To be able to go out and use free speech, especially defending the things that are ones own. The beauty of capitalism, is that someone who does not have all the money to pay for that coveted property up front can go to an institution that deals in capitol can borrow the amount needed to buy the property. Part of the catch is that the worth of the property is what is the backing the loan. Meaning if the borrower cannot make good on their loan, the lender has claim on the property they lent the money to buy.

When the lender gives out there money JT Riddle Youth Jersey , they are confident that the money is safe because if the lender cannot make their payments, then they can just take the property and sell it and get the money back from the loan. The problem is if the property loses its value. What if a home burns down and there is a two hundred thousand dollar loan on it and the borrower now has no incentive to make the loan payments and there is nothing the bank can do about it because no one would buy the property for anywhere near the amount they would if there was still a home on it.

The free market solution is homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance is a fund set up by a company that is paid into once a year that will insure the property creating a safety net for floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires Lewis Brinson Youth Jersey , or any other natural disaster that can occur.

The problem with homeowners insurance is that people tend to get pretty frustrated with it. The likelihood of losing a home to a freak weather condition is very unlikely and usually does not happen and it feels like the insurance is something that will never be used. This feeling is further compounded by the fact that health insurance is used all the time or at least once in a persons lifetime and the same thing with car insurance, there is a much greater risk while on the road of accident than a well built home has on average.

With that said, there are some important things to note about insurance. One it is super important to know the homes proper value. Having a builder or an appraiser value the home will make sure the full amount is insured. Second, every policy is different. An insured person needs to recognize that it is beneficial to shop around when it comes to buying a policy. Some homeowners insurance policies will cover things like electronics and precious medals kept at the home.

Another thing that most people do not recognize is that most insurance companies offer discounts for meeting certain criteria. Find out what the criteria is and if it is met. Meeting discount criteria is a great way to save a lot of money over time.
The book I am reading, "The World is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman Deven Marrero Youth Jersey , talks all about how technology since 1991 has dramatically and radically ripped asunder and irrevocably changed the face of the globe. It has opened everything up to new potential never-before imagined. Especially since about the year 2000, things have begun changing so fast that people and companies are now able to do things that they never could have dreamed of "just a few years ago". It is all happening so fast, in fact, that it is almost impossible to keep up with the changes. But, says Friedman Andre Dawson Youth Jersey , you must keep up otherwise you lose your advantage and the other three billion people out there who have just recently come online, will walk all over you until you cease to exist.

He is so right.

So much has changed so dramatically that the old way of doing business will likely lead to death of that business if I.T. is not embraced completely.

We as human beings no expect so much more for so much less. We want it faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before. In effect we want to eat the whole pie and have it to. This I.T. world has changed us to the point that our wants have become our needs and our expectations have skyrocketed.


Today when I went to give my Year End Greetings to a company that I buy product from and respect greatly as a friend, the president came out to my car and said to me something that has always been in my heart, something that I have always believed regardless of this I.T. onslaught.

"Cam-san Wei-Yin Chen Youth Jersey , everyone is talking about IT these days how it is changing the face of the earth. BUT, there is one thing that will NEVER change and that is the human heart. Our demands may increase due to I.T. but our hearts, minds and souls will forever be analog and that will never change."

He is so right.

No matter how deeply you go into I.T. now matter how much you exploit the Everest-like ascent of the I.T. mountain, the human condition will always be unchangingly analog. The true human needs, that is communication Curtis Granderson Youth Jersey , trust, truth, honesty, a desire to help, will always need to be met through the heart Neil Walker Youth Jersey , through the mind, and the soul. This will never change. I.T. may speed it all up and allow us to do things on a global scale that we could never have even imagined before, but in the end, like the rock used by the caveman to kill the deer for food, I.T. will never be more than JUST A SIMPLE TOOL.

When I returned home and checked my email today I received a message from Shivdeep Dhaliwal Starlin Castro Youth Jersey , a friendassociate in India who is doing exactly what Friedman talks about in his book: working on I.T. from India and receiving outsourcing work and more for the world with a European partner. How is that for a flattened world?

This is what he writes today:

"In my past 3 years of experiance in this field, I have realised that IT is basically a business driven completely on Communication and Understanding."

He is so right.

A computer can never "understand" a human's needs (unless you believe the S.F. movies). Wholesale Nike Shoes Online   Wholesale Womens Air Jordan   Wholesale Air Max 90   Wholesale Nike Shoes   Cheap Air Jordan   Cheap Nike Shoes Wholesale   Cheap Air Max   Wholesale Max Shoes   Wholesale Air Max Shoes   Wholesale Nike Shoes Free Shipping

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