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Some states celebrate indigenous people
10-15-2019, 10:56 AM,
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Some states celebrate indigenous people
Russia on Monday denied a US newspaper Online Cigarettes Store USA  report that its warplanes bombed four hospitals in rebel-held territory in Syria over a period of 12 hours this year.
The Russian defence ministry rubbished the claim in a report by The New York Times, saying "the alleged 'evidence' provided by the NYT is not worth even the paper it was printed on".
The May strikes -- which the newspaper tied to Moscow through Russian radio recordings, plane spotter logs and accounts by witnesses -- are part of a larger Newport Pleasure pattern of medical facilities targeted by forces supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the country's devastating civil war.
Nabad al Hayat Surgical Hospital -- which staff had fled three days earlier in anticipation of the facility being bombed -- was one of those struck during the 12-hour period beginning on May 5, according to the Times' investigation.
A Russian ground controller gave the exact coordinates of the hospital to the pilot, who reported having it in sight a few minutes later, the newspaper said.
The controller gave the go-ahead for the strike at the same Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes  time that a spotter who was tasked with warning civilians about impending strikes logged a Russian jet in the area.

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