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Some people think
05-03-2019, 05:06 AM,
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Some people think
Some people think that the ship accident is due to hitting the rocks. However, according to the detection, the seamounts in the Bermuda Sea area are more than 60 meters away from the sea, so the possibility of hitting the rocks can be said to be non-existent. Moreover, how many facts about the aircraft crashing in the air are explained. Some people have suggested that the Bermuda Triangle is very close to the equator Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, and the closer the equator is, the more dramatic the weather changes. The cold air from the north meets the warmth of the equator in the Bermuda Triangle. Because of the large difference in air pressure, it is easy to form a hurricane Buy Newport Online Cheap. Under such conditions, even the fine weather without clouds will suddenly deteriorate. When the hurricane is blowing, this sudden change in weather is difficult to predict. Therefore, ships or aircraft sailing here will suffer. This kind of weather does not change much. If it happens on the sea, it will disappear when it can't reach the coast. It is not easy to find that some people think that sea dragon rolls often occur in this place. It is a kind of severe weather because of The cold and warm air flow suddenly meet Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, and the swirling airflow formed by the strong sunlight, that is, the cyclone, the strong cyclone is called the "tornado." The "tornado" is called the land tornado on the land, and the sea dragon roll that takes place at sea. When the ship and the flying opportunity have a tornado, it will naturally be taken without a trace. A captain who had encountered a hurricane in the triangle of Bermuda said: "At the time Marlboro 100'S Carton, the face of the sea could be said to be indescribable. When the waves rolled, you would encounter a water wall of 20 or 30 meters high and fall straight toward you. Perhaps the ship was caught up in the big waves and could no longer struggle." This description illustrates the terrible scene of a hurricane. A seafarer who survived the disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle, also described the thrilling scene of the storm: in March 1973, a 13,000-ton coal carrier sailed to the island of Maine, New Jersey. It was missing in the southeast 150 nautical miles. In the rescue search, a black seafarer was found drifting on a wooden board 300 nautical miles east of the island. According to him, their ship encountered a strong storm, the hatch was blown away, the sea water filled the cargo hold Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, and after only 5 minutes, the ship sank, except for the black seaman, all the people were buried. The sea is gone.

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