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Senate GOP introduces slimmed-down
09-10-2020, 12:21 PM,
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Senate GOP introduces slimmed-down
When it comes to California wildfires, it now takes days, Online Cigarettes Store USA  not decades, to produce what had been seen as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Last weekend, a fire burning in California’s Sierra National Forest exploded in size, trapping hundreds of Labor Day holiday campers who could only be rescued by helicopters that made a series of white-knuckle flights into the smoke. Fire officials said they’d never seen a fire move so fast in forestland — 15 miles in a day.

On Wednesday, a wildfire in Plumas National Forest northeast of San Francisco spread 25 miles in a day and devoured an estimated 400 square miles (1, 036 square kilometers),

In between those events, a massive fire in Monterey County doubled Newport Cigarettes Shop  in size overnight, trapping 14 firefighters who had to deploy their emergency shelters; one was critically injured.

They are only the latest examples of what a half-dozen fire experts agreed is more extreme fire behavior driven by drought and warming temperatures they attribute to climate change. Among the most concerning developments is that fast-moving wildfires leave less time for warnings or evacuations.

Recently “we have seen multiple fires expand by tens of thousands of acres in a matter Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes  of hours, and 30 years or more ago that just wasn’t fire behavior that we saw, ” said Jacob Bendix, a professor of geography and the environment at Syracuse University who studies wildfires.

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