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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review
10-31-2019, 03:12 PM,
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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review
This might not make any sense when first hearing it, but buying a high-end phone isn’t as easy as it sounds, despite the fact that you’re ready to spend a small fortune on it. 

The reason is that despite the otherwise vast smartphone market, there are only a few makers building super-flagships, and you can actually count them on the fingers of one hand.
First of all, it’s Apple and its iPhone. Then, it’s Google and the Pixel, Samsung and the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, Huawei with the P and Mate models, and maybe Nokia, OnePlus, and a few others. bingo scapes cheat

In reality, on the other hand, the battle between super-flagships comes down to just three names, and they are Apple, Samsung, and Google.
As the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has not one, but two such high-end phones, both of which generate impressive excitement every year when the latest upgrades are announced. cash storm cheat
Rumors swirling around the web indicate that Samsung could end up merging the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note brands simply because the two already share much of the hardware, but until this happens, the Galaxy Note remains a niche in a niche that more and more people seem to love.

The latest-generation Note comes with improvements that first saw daylight on the Galaxy S10, and this approach makes it more like the device to go for if you’re looking for the best of the best in the Samsung device lineup. Features that debut on the Galaxy S end up being more refined and polished on the Galaxy Note, and this is exactly what’s happening this year as well. double win casino cheat

For example, the camera cutout from the Galaxy S10 has been fine-tuned for the Galaxy Note10, so it’s placed right in the middle, with a smaller ring that eats up a reduced part of the screen. This means the front-facing camera itself is less intrusive, and you can’t imagine how useful this is given that it’s actually a black spot on the screen that you see no matter what.

The same for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which has been moved from the back on the Galaxy Note9 to the front on the Galaxy Note10. Samsung uses the same idea as on the Galaxy S10, so the fingerprint sensor is embedded into the glass. The fingerprint sensor overall feels more accurate and faster than on the Galaxy S10, and this is definitely a critical point.
Earlier this year when I reviewed the Galaxy S10, one of my complaints was aimed right at this fingerprint sensor. At that time, I said the technology was awesome, only that it didn’t work exactly as expected, with a high percentage of failed scanning attempts due to incorrect readings. Samsung has improved the experience on the Galaxy Note10, albeit I still experienced occasional errors when scanning my finger. So while the technology itself is awesome, it's not quite there yet, and further polishing is still needed.

Right now, the best combination on the Galaxy Note10, and which I use every day as well, is facial recognition set up alongside the fingerprint sensor. To unlock the device, I use face recognition, which works for the most part of the day, and when the lightning in the room blocks it, I turn to scanning my finger.

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