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STS Smart Meter suppliers
12-06-2019, 04:40 AM,
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STS Smart Meter suppliers
About Us  
Product Features:
D124035 is a smart STS single-phase meter system, with RS485, RF, LoRa, PLC optional communication. Be able to measure in STS mode, currency mode, and post-paid (traditional) mode. Meter connects with In Home Display (IHD) for user reading and operation. Data will be sent to master station via DCU for management. Through meter keypad, IHD keypad and Master station software, users and administrators can operate the recharging.
Support load ground connection, switch detection, influence of external magnetic field, abnormal voltage record.
Divide into weekday timetable and weekend timetable, with 8 time period and 8 tariffs.
Meter support IR,RS485/LoRa, baud-rate: 9600/PLC, baud-rate: 4800.
Open cover, magnetic field, load ground connection, reserve current, over-voltage, low-voltage, low-frequency, overload, power-fail, low remaining power, and token record.
Meter measures voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor.
Meter has 3 operation modes: STS token mode, currency prepaid mode and post-paid (traditional) mode, which can be switched.
STS operation
Enter 20-digit token via keypad of meter or IHD, the meter display will be green Pic 1 if recharging is successful, will be red Pic 2 if is failed.
Main Specification:
Voltage: 230V
Current: 5(80) A
Accuracy class: 1.0
Standard: IEC62052-11 2003, IEC62053-21 2003, IEC62053-31 1998
Communication protocol: DLMS/COSEM(IEC62056)
Frequency: 50Hz
Impulse constant: 1000imp/kWh
Display: LCD 6+2 = 999999.99kW
Power consumption: <10VA/2W
Starting current: 40mA
Working temperature: -20鈩儈70鈩?/p>
Limit working temperature: -30鈩儈80鈩?/p>
Working humidity: <95%STS Smart Meter suppliers
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RE: STS Smart Meter suppliers
A great product with lots of extremely useful functions!
1v1 lol

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