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Rorbuy Makes Taobao Purchasing from Impossible to Possible in Foreign Countries
08-07-2015, 02:52 AM,
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Rorbuy Makes Taobao Purchasing from Impossible to Possible in Foreign Countries
Do you have any idea about the amount of money you spend on cyber shopping from January to December? 2900 USD? Well, now you can save 600 Dollars or more if you start to buy on taobao. Sounds new. Which website is taobao? Taobao is Chinese version of ebay. ranks as number 1 most popular website of the world and is number 8.

This could be a surprise that you have visited many websites before but taobao doesn't ring a bell. That's because taobao is not in English or Korean and most customers are from Chinese speaking countries. Don't be afraid if you know nothing about Chinese language as Taobao shopping agency can help no matter you need taobao in Punjabi, English, Dhundhari etc. You could search for details.

It's said that China is the factory for all kinds of products and much merchandise from China is much cheaper. It's obviously right. Let's take a look at several examples.

1. Price: $2.26 Title: Samsung silicone Note2, Note3 cartoon Minnie mouse phone case i9500 N9000 N7100 S4 case
2. Price: $3.57 Title: Cute Angel pendants Note3 Kitty Samsung phone case N9000 Note2 cartoon silicone sleeve case N7100
3. Price: $10.76 Taobao Product Title: ФутболкаПолосатыйрубашкидна t-shirt

So who is behind taobao? The Alibaba group. China made products for sale in local shops are mainly from importers who purchased from manufacturers on alibaba.

What kind of people ought to purchase from taobao?

*Anyone who wants to save some money when shopping.
*The goods to buy has a very high price in your city.
*You hope to find distinctive model or design.
*You want to see what listed on taobao could surprise you.

Top categories of products that have being bought from taobao via agents?

*Electronics, Computer & Networking, Mini PCs
*Watches, Men's Sports Watches
*Beauty & Health, Additional Categories, Tattoo & Body Art
*Children, Toys, Stuffed Animals & Plush

…and more.

What's the superiority of using rorbuy as your taobao purchasing agent?

1.Total fee = items price + 10% agent fee + shipping
2.Payment methods: Paypal, Webmoney, etc.
3.Trackable Shipment: China Post Airmail, EMS, DHL, etc.
4.How long does it arrive? 2-3 days from seller to us. Then 8-20 days if you choose EMS.

For more details about purchasing from taobao, please check .

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