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Role of SEO in Wikipedia
01-13-2020, 08:44 PM,
Post: #1
Role of SEO in Wikipedia
Wikipedia has a monopoly on Google's search pages. It ranks high, among nearly all searches. Google is Wikipedia's Best Friend. Wikipedia is also included as a gold mine in SEO resources. A Wikipedia article reveals that Wikipedia is a well-known online information site for many searches according to the Wiki Page Creation Service. Wikipedia is an archive of individuals who, for both SEO types and practical reasons, seek information and write for an important cause. SEO may also be available offline and on-page. Except that the Wikipedia editors did the job for you, it would normally be difficult to find appropriate ways to connect. In your opinion is there any way for SEO to be useful?
09-24-2020, 08:01 PM,
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RE: Role of SEO in Wikipedia
The best example I can think of is reputation management. A Wikipedia page won't do much in terms of rank, but will help reputation management and CTR on organic results for your client's branded searches.

For new customers, existing customers, or just people who want to to do some research on your client: navigational queries (googling a company name instead of typing in the URL) is a very common way for people reach websites.

When a customer searches for your client, users are likely to find the following:

Paid search ads
Related sub-domains
Related Videos
Related Images
Press Releases
Social Media Sites
Popular blog posts or forum pages related to the client
Other results related to your clients name

If your client is in a position where they are regular subject to mixed press, poor user reviews (e.g., Yelp, Consumer Affairs, etc...), pages from these websites are also relevant to the user in Google's perspective, and if authority and relevance dictates, there is a strong possibility that negative articles will appear at the top of the results right below your client's webpage.

By having a Wikipedia article (Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Places, Yelp page also work depending on the business your client is in), you can leverage the authority Wikipedia has with Google to almost ensure a top placement in search results related to your client.

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