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Pupil self-isolation Covid impact 'not monitored'
07-01-2021, 07:03 AM,
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Pupil self-isolation Covid impact 'not monitored'
Pupil self-isolation Covid impact 'not monitored'

[Image: _115752412_girlssanpan.jpg]

The government cannot say how many Covid cases in สล็อตออนไลน์ England are being prevented by sending pupils home from school to self-isolate.

The BBC has been told it does not monitor how many children self-isolating end up getting the virus.

It means the effectiveness of the policy cannot be fully judged.

Some 279,000 children are currently being asked to isolate at home because they have had close contact with an infected person in school.

That equates to 20 pupils being asked to self-isolate for every one confirmed case.

This is despite research suggesting children, particularly younger children, are less likely to transmit the virus if infected.

Ministers have indicated they want to see the system, which requires 10-day self-isolation after being classed as a close contact, replaced by the start of the new school year, after the summer.

And they are conducting a trial to see if rapid testing of close contacts can be used instead of self-isolation.

But they said the policy, introduced in September, had played a "vital" role in helping break the links in transmission.

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