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People have joys and
06-03-2019, 11:47 AM,
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People have joys and
People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full of gloom. Only we can fight for it, cherish every day together, after leaving, we won��t feel that you and her are too late - the last lesson of your class, the whole class seems to be a souvenir given to you in a quiet atmosphere. The students endured tears and watched the fact that they could not change. Most of my classmates are slouching, but I have not listened, just looking at your back, listening to your voice, instantly taking your sunshine, every movement, and printing them deep in your mind. I was out of school at the bottom of my heart. As you walked out of the classroom, I ran to the classroom window and looked at the office. Suddenly, your slender figure came out, tears in his eyes, and my heart slowly poured out a bit of disappointment. The reason why you didn��t cry just because you are afraid of being seen by everyone will make you More reluctant to do with us. I played with you and didn't tell the students about your crying until the people on campus went out, including you. I ran to the door of the office. When I entered the door, I couldn't help but think of you and I had an unforgettable conversation here. I remembered your encouragement and trust. At that time, you called me to the office. You didn't just talk about it. In order to help me achieve my ideals, you bought newspapers specially. I told me to go to the place where the newspaper was written. I didn��t even think about it. I refused you. I know that you are for me. I am afraid that the story of the previous two competitions will appear again in this competition. Looking at the extracurricular books? When you ask for it, I am curious to answer that you know that you want to be a writer. You have to go through many setbacks. If you are sure, don��t give up. After you go back, look at the growth experiences of some great writers. Maybe it is good. Your words have guiding intentions, and I silently promised you. "I slowly walked out of the office and forced my tears to slowly leave to the classroom. I couldn't help but call out the classmates' noises. It was your tears that shocked my heart Marlboro Gold. I know that you are not in charge." I live in classmates, but you can��t bear to play with the classmates, but you are worried that the students who want to listen will be affected, the results will decline, the parents will be disappointed, everything you do looks so insignificant, but we can do it better than the sky. It��s still hard to open the zipper, open the text, and have your comments on it. They will soon become a ray of sunshine on my life. If this piece of paradise is a garden, then you are a gardener who uses hard watering, if this piece of land It��s the field, then you are the peasant who cultivated the rice with sweat. If this piece of land is the starry sky, then you should go home with the dedication to shine the brightest part of the earth. See you again, see you tomorrow! The lock, I remembered the moment you gave me the sunshine that moment, I just sat in the seat and saw a person coming in front. No, it was a ray of sunshine, I got your sunshine, you What is the sunshine? I smiled and asked to go home! I smiled and replied that these pictures are colorful, no matter where you are in the future Cigarettes For Sale. As long as I see the comments, I will remember your beautiful fonts, think of your appearance, as long as When I walk into the classroom, I will remember your back Cheap Cigarettes, your tears, as long as I am called to the office by the teacher, I will remember your encouragement and trust. Whenever I just sit on the seat on the bicycle, I will think of you. Smile, your greetings to the silkworms to the dead silk, the wax torch into the gray tears began to dry Newport Cigarettes." "Red is not a ruthless thing, turned into a spring mud to protect the flowers." "Sneak into the night with the wind, moist and fine." It��s my evaluation of you. When the leaves are falling, when the flowers are withered, when the water is dry. At this point, some of my memories are buried in the ground, with the coming year, maybe it will gradually fade out in my mind, but its source is here if we can let the time of the roulette back to those happy times before. Ok, then lock the wheel of time Parliament Cigarettes, let it settle forever at that moment, but unfortunately the time does not come back, the world is full of banquets. Goodbye, dear Gao teacher should not be sad, because we are growing up if there is an afterlife, I wish I was your student - postscript
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