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PE Shoe Cover Machine suppliers
09-10-2018, 09:53 AM,
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PE Shoe Cover Machine suppliers
This machine is a kind of Special Automatically production equipment of plastic shoe covers (PE & CPE), using frequency-converter staples speed regulating, shoe covers size could design according to customer requirements, automatic cycle controlling, adjustable ultrasonic welding and electric welding combining. It is very convenient to operate, maintain and debug.
Structure diagram
1. elastic band
2. Electrical control box
3. Elastic band hot melting mechanism
4. Elastic band adjusting mechanism
5. PE membrane material
6. Sideband
7. Rack structure
8. Sideband conveying mechanism
9. Ultrasonic welding roller
10. Fusion cutting mechanism
11. Ultrasonic control box
12. Shut-off mechanism
The unit features:
1. The high quality parts surface treatment, beautiful, durable, easy wear and reliable operation; Smooth operation, little vibration, low noise;
2. The elastic band adopts constant temperature melting, sideband part ultrasonic welding,
3. With frequency control, electronic counting, energy efficient
4. This machine possess the function of breaking elastic and material, once appear this situation, could stop itself automatically
5. When the machine is running up electric heat wheel can be protected automatically.
6. Machine transport, hoisting and installing are very convenient
The main technical parameters:
Capacity (pieces / min):150-180
power sourceAC220V 1PH 50Hz
Main drive servo motor power kw1.1
Main drive servo motor rotating speed1400rpm
Gear reduction ratioi=9
Ultrasonic power KW2KW
Dimensions (L × W × H mm)1600×1150×1750
Shoe cover size(L×W mm)400×(150-170)
Shoe cover elastic size30-40#
Ambient temperature-10 degrees Celsius ~+26 degrees Celsius.:
Spare parts
1Cutting roller knife:Set1
2Sideband cutting knife:Set1
3leather beltPiece1180×7×4
4leather belt 2Piece160×29×1.5
5Hot cutting resistance wirePieceSomePE Shoe Cover Machine suppliers

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