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Once upon a time, we
05-20-2020, 05:10 AM,
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Once upon a time, we
Once upon a time, we were toddlers; once upon a time, we were parrots. There are classrooms everywhere in our lives, and what we lack is just understanding. The moon is bright and clear, the night is black, and the stars are still there. The moon in the river lies quietly. If the wind blew the lake and rippled in the lake, it could not be distinguished. Appreciating the scenery was so intoxicating, just like tasting the fine wine, he was so intoxicated that he fell into a dream in a gentle manner. It was already midnight when awakening, and the moonlight was much darker than before. The night existed silently, and in the distance, as if the heavens and the earth were connected together, how could the rare light on the ground separate them? Suddenly, the sound of string music came from the building. Listening to the tone material, I thought it was a guitar. This kind of note from the finger can move the heart string most, and the solo shows the temperament of the singer. The sound of the piano is crisp and neat, like an experienced gardener pruning vegetation, which is fast and accurate, showing that the chords of the composer are not ordinary. I was surprised that there was such a capable person beside me, which I had never expected. The music is gentle and beautiful, and the beats are well-ordered, as if bringing people into a dream. Not only did I indulge in the moonlight and moonlight this night Cigarettes For Sale, but also indulged in the music upstairs. With the gradual ending of the song, the feeling of admiration suddenly came into being. However, the tune came to an abrupt halt, only to finally sublimate the genre gorgeously, and the tune was perfect. I can't help but feel sorry, just like the puzzle is finished but the important piece is missing, it makes people feel awkward. I'm like an audience who dismissed but didn't want to leave hysterically looking forward to the next player's perfect performance; like a student who was obsessed with music and didn't want to leave after class. I only heard the sound from the upstairs, but this time it was not a tune Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but it was a note. After pressing the chord, the notes popped out one by one. It was not as accurate as the last one. The murmur of the string, without the previous beauty, this boring practice listener is a little irritable. I have some doubts about whether I changed the player. The more I think, the more I am, and I am sure. However, as the number of exercises increases, the strings are continuously touched, and the end is gradually coherent. The number of strings touched decreases Cigarettes Online, and the melody gradually becomes clear. Listening carefully, it can be connected to the front, and more and more like the original player. When you think about it again, the context becomes clear. The perfection of the previous song is based on persevering practice and hard work. It is not natural. Then I thought of myself, looking at the gray guitar hanging on the wall without moving. I wanted to learn guitar with a moment of interest regardless of parental opposition, but today it has become a home furnishings. I can't help but regret it. If this is the case, I am not a listener but a player. This is also a classroom! That perseverance is worth learning! Han Yu once said: "Industry is industrious, lacking in frivolity." Only when the moon comes day by day and shines on the earth, can we have such a good night view. The vegetation grows day by day, and every day is the same.

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