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Newport 100s Cigarettes and additionally Horse
11-18-2020, 06:52 AM,
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Newport 100s Cigarettes and additionally Horse
(2) Device anti-counterfeiting individuality

A. The device anti-counterfeiting company logo of substantial cigarettes is normally clear, although the laser anti-counterfeiting symbol of faux cigarettes is normally ambiguous;

G. The anti-counterfeiting symbol of substantial smoke USES your color halo device effect. The moment observed Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Cheap right from different aspects, the color for the entire symbol (including the the main pattern about "Dragon Newport 100s Cigarettes and additionally Horse presenting tower" and therefore the part instead of the sequence of USA  Cigarettes Wholesale "Dragon and additionally Horse presenting Tower") will vary, and all the pattern and therefore the word about "Red tower" look alternately. Counterfeit smoke in numerous angles to see the anti-counterfeit individuality color fluffy, poor color choice effect or possibly no color choice.

(3) Covering: The covering of valid smoke is normally horizontal tier, if it's always grid, it's always false smoke cigars.

2. System identification areas

Real smoke cigars: the floor lines for the "classic 100" components area really are horizontal marks, and all the fake smoke cigars is gridded right. For other sorts of identification points from the single discount package, please relate to the individuality points.

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