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New WapBuilder Unlimited
01-04-2016, 08:10 PM,
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New WapBuilder Unlimited

Our system has opened new wap site Our site is absolutely open because it is being rewritten some permanent system Passive Location System Gunceliy day is night, we Versa features you want, you know that in addition to us
Writing is necessary that the system is short Features

In other Non-System
1) Mobile Themes For Pc And separate (different themes you can use if you like it or can not aynı.t)

2) Unlimited File Upload (URLs and file)

3.) Of 100% can be a customized theme

4) Automatic Thread Sharing (not to deal with many separate code for each post)

5.) can be shared TEMA (the theme from the theme panel you can share with other audiophiles)

6) In the opening panel Multiple Sites (Water opens Only 5 Increasing the case did not request one)

7) Followers System (With this system you can track your site visitors)

8) Review System (one of the largest non-Ozzelik in similar systems)

9) Social Button on (Visitors can share in your social networks with this button Software)

10.) Test System (user to test the form of questions for you to enjoy when the problem)

11) Advertising System (will work for you to add your site to the top and bottom Advertising)

12) Advanced Statistics (that came from which site visitors from countries where IP browser shows plural and singular hit in the charts)

13) 404 page (must be arranged error.html the Theme Panel)

Input your 14.Site Output (Workers will visit the Water can register your site under construction)

15) Automatic Label Insertion (each page is generated automatically on the label)

16) Category drop-down auto Home on the floor beside Ali Number Text category of interest

17.) Site Catalogue (All Sites. This is where it is found)

18) Navigation (Toplist to your site Backling Advertising
Writing code is useful for you to add html codes etc. It is added under a system page)

19.) Whois (when turned on, etc. that have been registered in the system shows who owns the site)
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