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Named the Main Mistakes when Driving "Speed Bumps"?
03-10-2020, 07:46 AM,
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Named the Main Mistakes when Driving "Speed Bumps"?
One of the most popular methods of speed control on roads is the installation of artificial bumps, the so-called "speed bumps". RG specialists voiced the main mistakes that drivers make when speed bumps pass by.

 The meaning of such obstacles is that "reckless" who do not slow down in front of them will be punished. Usually this is an emergency breakdown of stabilizer racks, ball bearings, wheel bearings and other suspension elements.

  Probably, for this reason, the most common mistake when overcoming speed bumps is to travel without slowing down. It seems to most that the principle here is: “higher speed - fewer bumps”, but in reality it all ends with serious damage to the chassis and even injuries to the driver and passengers.

 Also, quite often, drivers make this kind of mistake, passing a speed bump, squeezing the brake. In this case, the suspension is not loaded, and blows to the parts of the chassis will be much more serious than with an unloaded suspension. It is more correct to act the other way around - either slowly brake in advance, or slow down by short pressing the pedal in front of the obstacle itself.

 Often, motorists pass obstacles by simply moving the car to the sidelines. However, there are some nuances here: you can run into a fine (for driving along the sidelines) and scratch the wheels. The suspension from the rough side in this case is loaded even more than with the "normal" passage of the "lying".

Porsche is not interested in electric hypercars

German brand chief designer Michael Mauer said the corporation does not intend to produce an electric hypercar with a capacity of several thousand horsepower.

 As the head of the design department told in an interview with Auto car, the brand does not plan to produce electric hypercars, which have recently appeared so often in auto news. The reason
  “It seems to me that with the current weight of the batteries it is very difficult to find a compromise between performance, handling and weight of the machine,” the designer said.

 “These hypercars are not only heavy, their design is largely dictated by aerodynamics, for this reason, in the end result, they look very similar,” says Mauer.
 In this regard, the chief designer of the German brand emphasizes movienations(.)com/en/forum/topic/3947, instead of another faceless electric hypercar with a performance of a couple of thousand horsepower, it is much more interesting to make a light and compact car with a pronounced emphasis on handling and, probably, even with a hybrid power unit.

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