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Medium Frequency Induction Heating Furnace
01-14-2019, 05:41 AM,
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Medium Frequency Induction Heating Furnace
Large diameter gear sprocket quenching complete sets of equipment to a large diameter gear (diameter 600mm thickness 50. sprocket diameter 800mm), coupled with a professional CNC quenching machine, cooling system composed of three blocks, can be set according to the user's specific requirements Professional equipment, with our decades of production experience, will certainly meet your professional customization needs. The following describes the "large diameter gear sprocket quenching equipment" specific conditions:
The main features of quenching equipment for large-diameter gear sprocket:
1. Fast heat, can double the productivity of heating equipment, and can form continuous production lines with other process equipment.
2. The heating time is short, the efficiency is high, the efficiency of the induction heating furnace can reach 60%-70%, the efficiency of the induction melting furnace can reach 65%-75%, and the heating efficiency of the flame furnace is only about 20%, the resistance furnace Heating efficiency is only about 40%
3. When using the induction heating method to heat before the thermoforming, because the heating speed is fast and the heating time is short, the burning loss rate of oxide scale produced by the blank is 0.5%-1%, and the metal burning rate of the flame furnace is 3%. The heating furnace saves 2% of material compared with the flame heating furnace, and at the same time it improves the service life of the forging dies.
4. If an induction heating furnace is used in the hot processing workshop, the temperature in the workshop will be greatly reduced due to less heat loss, and the working conditions in the workshop will be improved. Because the induction heating does not generate smoke and smoke, the workshop working environment is purified.
The main technical parameters of quenching equipment for large-diameter gear sprocket:
Model Number: XXZP-200 Maximum Input Power: 200kw Maximum Output Power: 200kw
Unit of measure: sets. Input voltage: 380V, three-phase power IF range: 2-8HZ Equipment manufacturers: Zhengzhou Leader
Product packaging: wooden box loading rate: 100%
Main control cabinet: 530×760×1660 Transformer cabinet: 500×800×580
Large-diameter gear sprocket quenching equipment is mainly configured:
1, a medium-frequency gear quenching machine.
2, random transformer three pay (according to the user's workpiece custom).
3, a foot switch
The working principle of the device: Induction heating surface quenching is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the workpiece placed in an induction coil with a certain frequency of alternating current, in the alternating magnetic field, the workpiece surface to form a large induction current, so that the workpiece surface quickly Austenitizing by heating, followed by rapid quenching and cooling of the surface quenching process operation. During the heating process, the workpieces need to be rotated within the inductor to achieve a uniform heating target. The workpiece needs to be rotated so that the hardened layer hardness and quenched layer depth of the workpiece surface are uniform. Need stepless speed regulation (self can make), our company's CNC quenching machine can also be used.
Large-diameter gear sprocket quenching equipment can achieve technical indicators:
1. Gears: Applicable to gears with a diameter of about 500mm; Quenching of sleeve roller sprocket with a diameter of 800mm; Quenching hardness to material requirements, quenching depth 2mm-6mm; Single tooth can be quenched to modulus around 50.
2. Shaft: Suitable for quenching of large-diameter shafts with a diameter of about 250mm, depth of hardened layer of 2mm-6mm, hardness of the table to quench the material requirements.
3. large machine tool quenching.Medium Frequency Induction Heating Furnace

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