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Matt Ryan Jersey
12-28-2018, 07:41 AM,
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Matt Ryan Jersey
1. UCF. Still undefeated Authentic Julio Jones Jersey , still champs, can still go to Disney any time they want, haters.Actually, this brings me to a terrifying point about Orlando and UCF: this exactly the city and team someone would have designed as an 8-year-old. UCF’s first shot at designing a mascot? Something an 8-year-old would make. Their all-aluminum stadium that looks like an Lego Technic set and at one point included such childish oversights as “whoops, we forgot the water fountains?” Also clearly the work of an 8-year-old. Being undefeated, yet unable to eat at the big kids’ table? Also a very Orlando thing, especially this year, when they could win the rest of their games and still not get any closer to the playoff because of their conference and schedule. But we got straight A’s! Yes, it’s third grade math, though, and Alabama is out here doing differential equations in their sleep. That is not your fault, UCF. That’s just where you’re at in a very unfair world. Some consolation: no other team is both 20 minutes from Splash Mountain and in a community where you can pay traffic tickets in fruit snacks. 2. Clemson. Remember when Clemson won a close game at Texas A&M earlier this year? It was a 28-26 squeaker, definitive evidence of a lot of things people wanted to assume from one college football game. For instance, after the Texas A&M game, Clemson’s starter was clearly Kelly Bryant and not upstart Trevor Lawrence, the Tiger secondary had serious issues, and Travis Etienne and the rest of the run game were going to struggle. A&M, meanwhile, was just two points away from joining the elite, and Jimbo Fisher’s $70 million guaranteed salary was already worth it. It’s November now. Clemson’s run game has razed much of the ACC, averaging 265 yards a game and giving luxurious protection for Lawrence, the starting QB. The defense hasn’t allowed anything close to the yardage A&M earned in College Station that night and has only allowed one team to hit triple digits both rushing and passing in a single game. That was NC State, and Clemson won, 41-7. Texas A&M just lost to Auburn, a team desperate to fire its coach with a gigantic buyout. No one is getting anything from Clemson this year, not on the ground, not through the air, and not in turnovers or easy possessions from their offense. They move like a service academy on the ground, defend like an Alabama, and are grooming their next wunderkind QB in practice sessions everyone else calls “live conference games.”The ceiling for this team is theoretical, at an altitude high enough to require powerful telescopes to see. Oh, and they’re not even close to that ceiling yet. 3. Alabama.I dunno. That’s Alabama, the team so unchallenged, other teams are resorting to desperate measures like “flying helmet-first into the apparently adamantine testicles of the immortal quarterback.” Tua Tagovailoa described the hit by LSU as “right in the goodies,” and he had to come out for a minute. He had a mediocre night, at least on the Tagovailoa curve: 344 yards total offense, two passing TDs, one rushing TD, and his first interception of the season, which still worked out nicely for the Tide.It is terrifying how far Alabama has come since Nick Saban’s arrival, but especially terrifying when the quarterback position is taken into account. Alabama won a national title with glorified placeholders like Greg McElroy at the helm, then turned to the workmanlike A.J. McCarron to run a standard pro-style offense for another pair of titles.Someone named Jacob Coker won a national championship? I think that happened, though if anyone says there was anything particularly memorable about Jacob Coker, they are either a.) lying or b.) talking to Jacob Coker. The final pivot is the really mind-bending one. Alabama switched to what looked a lot like a spread run game, started a quarterback who was nothing like his predecessors in Jalen Hurts, and ran him to another shot at a national title before switching to the next coming of Football Jesus himself in Tagovailoa. Switching styles of offense is one thing. It’s something teams don’t do much Matt Ryan Jersey , much less without a head coaching change. But doing that in three or possibly four different variations over the course of a decade, with five or six differently styled players, all without losing momentum? That’s something that would kill lesser regimes. It’s evidence that Alabama’s talent level is so absurd it can sustain decisions that have destroyed other teams. It’s also evidence that Saban, for all the jokes about how much he hates changing anything, is actually brilliant at managing change. They’re all so good at it, in fact, that Tua’s worst night of the year ended up bottoming out somewhere around other starting QBs’ best. Play your best game, and you might see eye-to-eye with Alabama’s worst. GOOD LUCK. 4. Utah State. The Aggies are a combination of two things no one wants a piece of: overdue and over. Utah State is overdue in the sense that injuries and bad luck limited their production in 2015 and 2016. Rollover points aren’t real, but they might be for Utah State, a team on an eight-game win streak in which they’ve averaged over 50 points a game and destroyed everything in their wake. They’re over in the sense that they are literally over, beating the spread by 13 points a game in 2018.Most of that is due to the players, but some credit should also go to offensive coordinator David Yost for his aggressive schemes, play calling, and hair. Mostly his hair, tbh. 5. Michigan. The 127 Hours of teams. Play Michigan, and they’re going to take a limb and immobilize you. Not in a super flashy way, no, but brutally enough to let you know: you live out here now, and you’re not going anywhere. Ultimately, to get away, your team will have to cut its arm off with a pocket knife. Only Notre Dame brought one this year, but fortunately, Brian Kelly regrows limbs like a starfish.6. Iowa State. The Cyclones switched to freshman QB Brock Purdy after a loss to TCU on September 29th. Since then, Iowa State has upset Oklahoma State in Stillwater, dealt out one of the most lopsided ass-kickings of the year against West Virginia, and fended off a frenetic Texas Tech for a win. They also beat Kansas, which was a team effort. We say that to differentiate the team win from Hakeem Butler getting KU’s coach fired with a single play. That was an individual effort, and Butler deserves credit for that. Is it possible to burn someone so badly it gets their boss fired? The evidence here seems to speak for itself. No one wants to play Iowa State right now, and no one should, because after years of joking about how playing in Ames is a recipe for disaster — without a lot of real evidence to back that up — that reality has arrived. Don’t go to Ames. There are no funny accidents out there anymore, just dark, sinister farm country, where good teams actually do go to die at the hands of a gifted freshman QB and the Big 12’s best scoring defense.Arrow up, arrow down for Falcons heading into Week 4 Here’s a closer look at who appears to be #risingup and who appears to be trending down as we head into the Bengals matchup. Arrow UpQB Matt Ryan Ryan is capable of catching fire like he has over the last two weeks, and it’s always a delight. He’s simply firing on all cylinders right now, having thrown for seven touchdowns against the Panthers and Saints and running for two more against the Panthers, which puts him at nine in his last two games. His throws have been orders of magnitude better than they were in Week 1, and despite some adventures in pass protection from the line and the lack of a ground game in Week 3, he’s dealing. Heading into Week 4, the chief concern for Ryan is the effectiveness of his ground game and offensive line. The Bengals quietly have a quality secondary, but Ryan should continue to dominate so long as he stays on his feet. WR Calvin RidleyWe’re actually at risk of overhyping Ridley, because he’s in the midst of a magical two game stretch that probably isn’t going to stretch out over the rest of the season. Ridley has been every bit as good as advertised over the last two weeks, reeling in four touchdowns and about 200 yards through the air and running crisp, difficult routes with aplomb. There will be weeks where he fades into the background, but he’s the second option in this passing game, and should be for a long time to come. Before the season I was cautious about projecting too much from Ridley , who came NFL-ready but figured to have to scrap for targets with Mohamed Sanu, Austin Hooper and the running backs. Now that he’s taken his role and run with it, though, I’m all-in on the Ridley train. Choo choo. LB Duke Riley Riley has been under as much pressure as any Falcon to begin the year, and stepping into the middle linebacker job against Carolina and New Orleans in back-to-back weeks was never going to be easy for him. He faltered badly against Carolina, but he legitimately played better against New Orleans in a tougher matchup, which was encouraging. In this game, Riley was constantly around the ball, and despite the looseness of his game at times he managed to make some good tackles and stay in the play. It’s not earth-shattering, but the arrow’s pointing up, especially with Foye Oluokun now nursing an injury. Riley’s never going to be Deion Jones, and he may never even turn into an above average starter, but he’s making some strides. The Falcons need him to keep it up if they’re going to stay afloat on defense, and if he’s even a passable starter from here on out it’ll be a help. S Damontae KazeeIt wasn’t all sunshine and form tackles for Kazee, but he showed the open field tackling ability and physicality this defense sorely needs when he wasn’t missing some tackles himself. Kazee is going to be heavily relied upon with Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal out the rest of the way, and I think there’s no question he has the talent to be a very good player. The Falcons unfortunately need him to be one immediately.Kazee is the best safety on the roster at the moment, though, and perhaps the surest tackler at the position. Expect him to pile up the tackles and hopefully make some big plays going forward. Stock down OL...All of them Not every offensive lineman played poorly against the Saints, but as a unit, there were scuffles in pass protection that are very concerning given who is coming to town this weekend. The Bengals arguably have a better, deeper pass rush than the Saints, who got a handful of key sacks on Matt Ryan.They also have a solid run defense up front, and the line did not block well at all for Tevin Coleman in Week 3, if we can be honest. Coleman did himself few favors, but this line has to block better for the Falcons to remain balanced.S Jordan Richards I hope to be putting Richards in Arrow Up next week. I really do.The fact of the matter is that Richards, despite some impressively physical tackling and solid run support in his limited Falcons snaps to this point, has not impressed at all in coverage. In fact, he’s had his adventures there, as he has throughout his career, and took some notably bad angles in the Panthers game. Now he’s looking like the full-time starter for at least a short stint, with Sharrod Neasman lurking in the background, I guess.Against teams committed to running the football, Richards is likely to beless of a liability, and he may even be an asset. Against teams like the Bengals who are committed to throwing the ball, Richards is going to be tested and is going to need to erase doubts about his ability to handle those assignments. If he can, Dan Quinn and company will look like geniuses, but it’s fair to say we haven’t seen enough from Richards thus far in his career to suggest he will.Arrow down until proven otherwise.DE Vic Beasley It’s incredibly painful to keep putting Beasley here. He’s one of the team’s good guys, he’s two seasons away from leading the league in sacks, and there are those moments where you watch him absolutely whip by a tackle and think this is it. But those moments have been far too few and far between for a while now.Against the Saints, Beasley picked up the game’s lone sack, but also found himself getting tangled up off the edge and failing to make some crucial tackles, most notably on Taysom Hill’s embarrassing long rumble. Getting Takk McKinley back this week will help and finding more playing time for Jack Crawford should as well, but this line has no hopes of being great if Beasley isn’t.
04-27-2019, 05:47 PM,
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RE: Matt Ryan Jersey
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05-07-2019, 04:08 AM,
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RE: Matt Ryan Jersey
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