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MEGA PNG Niche For Sale - With 18k+ Stocks
08-01-2020, 08:19 AM,
Post: #1
MEGA PNG Niche For Sale - With 18k+ Stocks
Hello, Guys
We are from Vwebtech, we do codes and design. 

Whole New Product Of PNG or Images Site Is For Sale
[Image: o2z1yv9.png]

[*]18k+ Stock photos already added

[*]Bulk Photo Grabber
[*]Laravel 6
[*]Font Awesome
[*]Facebook Login
[*]Follow / Unfollow system
[*]Like in Photos
[*]Collections of Photos
[*]Notifications Real-time
[*]Latest, Featured, Popular, Most Commented, Most Viewed, Most Downloads sections
[*]Photo search
[*]Download photos in different size
[*]Search for photos by colors and cameras
[*]Members can upload unlimited photos
[*]Updates photos
[*]Option Delete Account
[*]Members can change their name, email and password
[*]Upload Avatar
[*]Upload Cover
[*]Change password
[*]Donations through PayPal for members
[*]XSS: Protection from cross site scripting
[*]Secure Bcrypt password hashing
[*]SMTP Support
[*]Share social
[*]Easy translation
[*]Ajax pagination in Photos and Comments
[*]Comment system
[*]Like in comments
[*]Feed section (Posts by users you follow)

Admin Panel Features:
[*]Change the site name
[*]Change the site title welcome
[*]Manage General Settings and Limits
[*]Set keywords for the site. (SEO)
[*]Add a description (SEO)
[*]Create/Edit pages e.g.: Help, Privacy, etc.
[*]Manage Categories
[*]Manage Photos
[*]Manage Members.
[*]Manage Members, Photos Reported
[*]Set up social accounts
[*]Manage Google Adsense, Google Analytics
[*]PHP >= 7.2.0
[*]MySQL >= 5.6
[*]BCMath PHP Extension
[*]OpenSSL PHP Extension
[*]PDO PHP Extension
[*]Mbstring PHP Extension
[*]Tokenizer PHP Extension
[*]XML PHP Extension
[*]Ctype PHP Extension
[*]JSON PHP Extension
[*]Fileinfo PHP Extension
[*]GD Library

How To Make Money From This Site ?

1. You can use as third party traffic website
2. You can use monetize it with ad sense etc.
3. You can sell your own creativity and graphics if you have.
4. You can run full flange stock photos network like Shutterstock
The PNG is in Trends now.
[Image: lehpu91.png]

Why we selling this ?

This is finest creation from our team , and we have copies of it. 
You can also resell it if you want. 

What You Will Get ?
1. Free Domain with 1 Month Of Hosting
2. Full Source Code And Website
3. All 18k+ Stock images to boost traffic

For more information
SKYPE/EMAIL : [email protected]

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