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Luxury Vinyl Flooring factory
04-19-2019, 04:22 AM,
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Luxury Vinyl Flooring factory
Vinyl floor tiles
PVC click lock floor is a unique connection technology between the floor and the floor. The click lock pvc floor is easy to install, and it is a "shoot" that fits seamlessly. When installing, it can be used without multiple glues.
The grounding requirements of the lock plastic floor before installation: the leveling work must have been completed.
Ground flatness: 1m long distance slope is less than 3mm. The floor must be completely dry, solidified, flat and clean.
The installation of PVC lock floor requires ground type: cement or tile floor.
The floor can be installed on existing floors, such as wooden floors, linen floors, PVC floor tiles, etc, but not on soft floors such as carpets.
Construction tools for PVC lock floor installation: tape measure, Utility knife.Luxury Vinyl Flooring factory

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