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Justin Layne Jersey
06-26-2019, 09:21 AM,
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Justin Layne Jersey
They say that offense wins games but defense wins championships. Um Zach Brown Jersey , I call BS. The last ten Super Bowl winning quarterbacks were Tom Brady, Manning (both of them), Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers Devin Bush Jersey , Drew Brees, and Ben Roethlisberger. There are at least six HOFer on that list! While the defenses on these teams were great, in the NFL, it is the quarterback position that makes or breaks a team.On the flip side of these championship winning quarterbacks, each team has their fair share of QB flops. Whether it is JaMarcus Russell doing pretty much nothing after being selected first overall http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.c...rsey-cheap , or a one-time starter that couldn't figure out the offense. Omaha! Omaha! Spider 2 Y Banana, ready, break! It's time for every team's worst NFL quarterback of the last decade. Some teams have been blessed with amazing QB play, while others made it hard for us to decide: looking at you, Cleveland.We should point out that we're not just going to grab any old third stringer that barely made if off the practice roster. That'd be too easy. To qualify for this list Justin Layne Jersey , each quarterback bust had to have started one game... That way we could see how bad they really were! The Latest on the aftermath of the Philadelphia Eagles’ parade (all times local):
5:10 p.m.
Philadelphia officials are apologizing to fans who had their view of the Eagles’ parade blocked by an accordion bus carrying police officers.
The city on Friday responded via Twitter to an image showing the elongated bus stop right in front of a group of people as the parade passed by.
Angry Eagles fans wrote on the social media site that they stood for hours in the cold on Thursday only to have the moment they were waiting for blocked by the buses. Others posted videos of the incident .
The city’s Twitter account says the parade was a ”fluid situation” and that officials’ first concern always is public safety.
Hundreds of thousands of fans celebrated the Eagles’ first Super Bowl title during the hours-long parade.

12:00 p.m.
Philadelphia officials say two people were stabbed, an officer was assaulted and four police vehicles sustained minor damage during the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade.
Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Richard Ross on Friday said there was some ”small hiccups,” including two arrests, in a relatively peaceful celebration Thursday of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl title. He says both stabbing victims survived and that the two arrests were for assaults.
Officials also said a Jumbotron was toppled when fans climbed it.
Crews on Friday are picking up trash left behind by fans who watched the team travel in open-top double decker buses from their stadium to the art museum steps made famous in the ”Rocky” movies.
The Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 Sunday.

6:30 a.m.
Philadelphia is cleaning up the streets one day after hundreds of thousands celebrated the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory with a parade.
Crews on Friday are picking up trash left behind as fans watched the team travel in open-top double decker buses Thursday from their stadium to the art museum steps made famous in the ”Rocky” movies.
Coach Doug Pederson walked part of the route while carrying the Lombardi Trophy, allowing fans to touch the gleaming hardware.
Looking more like a genie in a Mummer’s outfit than a football player http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.c...rsey-cheap , center Jason Kelce gave voice to every frustrated Philly fan with an impassioned and profane speech.
Until Sunday’s 41-33 victory over the favored New England Patriots, the Eagles remained the only team in their division without a Super Bowl title.

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