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Just a few days ago
06-03-2019, 11:49 AM,
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Just a few days ago
Just a few days ago, I just finished Mother's Day. Now, our children's own days - June 1st Children's Day is coming. I asked my father: "How did you live six or one when you were a child?" Dad said that he lived when he was a child. A forest farm in the northeast is full of forests Marlboro Gold. It is not rich, but the scenery is beautiful, there is no environmental pollution, and the flowers are everywhere. Every year on June 1st, the teachers lead them to carry out a variety of interesting activities. He said that he was very impressed by two of his, one is "finding a note" and the other is an essay competition. ��Finding a note�� is a game where the teacher draws an activity area in the forest and attaches a note on the tree raft or next to the root of the tree, which says the name of the prize��mostly ��rubber�� and ��pencil�� "The price is only a few cents, and the price is a few cents. Whoever finds it can get the prize written on the note." These prizes now seem to be worthless, but the children at the time were very happy after they got it. Writing is the father's strength, and every time his father's essay is copied into the blackboard as an excellent essay, it is very proud of Dad. Don't look at them writing the same text as us Cigarettes For Sale, but the questions from the teachers are very simple. For example, the "Spring of the Forest Farm", "My Dad", "My Same Table" and other dads are so eloquent, I also listened with gusto. Dad��s "Six One" is so interesting. Think about our "June 1", it seems to be inferior to remember a lot of "June 1" last year. The school held a party like the calendar year, commended the outstanding young pioneers and the school top ten, and went to Jigang to sing. A pencil bag was also sent to each student as a prize. Although we also held the same activities, the students did not feel as happy as they were at the time, because the activities of the school and the teachers did not suit our appetite. When the party was open on the playground, the students were sitting in the sun, and the teacher refused to speak loudly. Everyone called the bitterness, and there was still a mood to watch the show. To Jigang��s songs, the students were not willing to volunteer. In the afternoon, you can take a rest and relax at home, but you can go to Jigang Steel Songs by car. Who can be happy? Every time, the teacher writes the text with the words "Happy Childhood", the students bite. In the childhood filled with books, the pen struggles to find the word "happy", but often returns without success. In the end, it has to be arbitrarily created, sloppy, and even plagiarized. But what is the solution? In today's material conditions, our childlike minds are getting less and less. Dad��s childhood was more happy than ours because they were less stressed than us at the time, and there were more opportunities to enter nature than we did. ��Nature��? For us living in a city full of reinforced concrete Parliament Cigarettes, a small piece of grass and a few small flowers next to the high-rise building are probably ��nature�� Marlboro Lights. Of course, "happy" we still have. The exam got a perfect score, or which classmate had a trip, we will be "happy" for a while. But it can only be "for a while." "Get a perfect score, don't be too happy, can't be proud!", "Don't build your happiness on the suffering of others" The teacher will teach us when we are "happy." Perhaps, true happiness is happening on a weekend with a lot of homework, and a school can organize spring springs.

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