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Ive played runescape before but dont undrstand
03-13-2020, 09:18 AM,
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Ive played runescape before but dont undrstand
Ive played runescape before but dont undrstand what is fascinating about runescape? Im not hating it, im curious to know why people are hook. Everything seems repetitive and buy OSRS gold you do exactly the the exact same exact things for times like mining for exp, cut on trees for hours, kill some mobs, replicate. Until you kill someone, similar to using one ability, pvp battle is. I dont find it fun at all. Why?

I've tried getting my friends and they say the same thing. Like what is the point of standing at a rock for hours. Dude I honestly can not answer it. Once you reach everything you're working towards seeing my expertise go up and understand that I'm working towards a goal is amazing.

The feeling of achievement is the thing that keeps the gears turning. And other people may view that wow he stood at a rock and mined for 300 hours. He had been fuckin. And you get such show. I look at people and when I look them up on high scores it sticks. Like damn that guy is maxed should have taken him a huge number of hours. That day I can not wait to get. What sport does this? It's just hard to explain bro lol.

I think two reason I enjoy it is because the questing is like no other game - the quests in Runescape aren't simple kill and bring quests. You go on actual experiences and interesting/humorous stories. Second because the development is quite nice - since it's such a grind for elevated degrees your time invested to the game really means something, and the game is very careful about devaluing elderly content. There's content for all levels of skill. There is things that a toddler could do, and things (as of last October) only 1,189 people on Earth who play OSRS has completed (Inferno Cape)

Additionally PVP is definitely NOT using one ability until you kill someone, in fact the reason I don't pvp is because in the highest level there's really much micro management plus a really major skill gap between beginners and individuals in the top - there's a reason there have been multiple 20,000 prize pools for PVP championships (look up Deadman Mode). Here is a clip of the winner from buy osrs gold fast delivery the most recent one. It's not for everyone.

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