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It is deep and u
11-04-2019, 04:18 AM,
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It is deep and u
It is deep and unrestrained, melancholy and lonely, resentful and benevolent. It is a kind of holiness in my heart, a symbol of bravery, and it is a totem in the hearts of the Mongols. It is a wolf. View - Wolf Satoshi have to say that the wolf is an extremely intelligent animal. Some people call this kind of intelligence "", but I don't think so, and even reject it. In traditional Chinese education, wolves have always been a symbol of sin, jealousy, and bad people. In the traditional mythology of Chinese children, none of them left the wolf: "Little Red Riding Hood", "Wolf and Seven Little Sheep"... There are some idioms that show the status of wolves: wolverines, wolves, and dogs... In fact, people have many behaviors. It��s learned from the wolf. So, isn��t human being a sting animal? The wolf's predation technique is one of the things we learn. The wolf's ability to learn is very strong. If you fall into a trap, they will never make the same mistake again next time. Is the wolf's intelligence visible here? The wolf knows a lot of things. The wolf understands the weather, understands the terrain, understands the timing, knows the other, knows the strategy and tactics, understands the night battle, the guerrilla warfare, the sneak attack, and understands the concentrated strength to fight the annihilation. Their intelligence is beyond the reach of many animals Newport 100S. Sense - There is the most primitive and free on the wolf's fearless grasslands. Mongolian grasslands have always been battlefields. Only the wolves who are the strongest, the brightest, the most capable of eating and eating Newport Cigarettes, and who can remember the taste of hunger can survive stubbornly. In their eyes, life is not about movement but about fighting Cheap Cigarettes. They are not afraid even when fighting the highest animal animals in the world. Knowing that the enemy is stronger than yourself, and never fearing. The narrow road meets the brave, and they have such a fearless spirit that they are respected by the Mongols. Yes, the cross-country of the sea, the hero of the hero; knowing that it is not, but also dare to shine the sword - the wolf's loving wolf, is a kind of benevolent and loving animal. Especially the female wolf, like human beings, has the greatness of maternal love and has loving feelings. Maybe everyone knows "wolf boy." Nurturing is the nature of the female wolf. The female wolf who has just given birth to the young will show its kindness to every new life. Including the descendants of humans. Although humans have hunted their races, they can still feed their children with their own milk. This is a big love, a kind of mind. Respect - the wolf of the wolf is a holy animal. It is enduring in the hearts of the Mongols. It is a Mongolian totem that does not allow anyone to invade. It is the holiness of my heart forever. Perhaps, it eats sheep, eats horses, eats livestock that help humans and humans, but is it already very hungry? Think about how much damage humans have done to them. Once, we thought that wolves are harmful animals. I don't know, it is an important part of the biological chain. It is only on the grasslands that belong to it; it is only defending its territory. There is nothing wrong with them. It deserves my respect and respect; it is eternal holiness. The wolf is the totem of my heart forever. It represents intelligence; it means fearlessness; it symbolizes holiness. The water is silent, the sun and the moon are no trace, everything changes with the changes of the years, but they are always the most holy place in my heart.
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