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InverAds - PPC Ad Network
09-15-2016, 07:21 AM,
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InverAds - PPC Ad Network
InverAds is a PPC Ad Network for both advertisers and publish, with IAD you can attract the visitors you need as an advertiser and earn money as a publisher.

Advertisers can add multiple sites including ADULT websites, as an advertiser and can set the PPC cost for each website you are advertising.

Publishers can earn money with our network by displaying ads, our minimum CPC(Cost Per Click) is $0.1 and you can earn even more per click as we do not have a set CPC this up to the advertiser. see an example below.

Lets say im advertising for example Master-Land and i set the PPC at $1 per click if my ad is displayed on your website and a visitor clicks that ad you will earn 60% of the cost of the click which was $1 so you would receive $0.60, it works the same way as google adsense, other networks like mobile ones offer $1 per 100 clicks etc we do it the right away just like adsense.

The higher the advertiser sets his PPC ad it will be shown on websites more often.

If you wonder why you only get 60% of the cost of the click this is because i need to make money as well so i get the other 40%, this is the same as google adsense but im not sure what the percentage is.

New advertisers get $1 for free to advertise your website.
Publishers have a minimum payout of $10 via paypal for now.

So what you waiting for sign up for either an advertiser or publisher account.

Any problems please sign up and submit a support ticket or reply here thanks.
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03-09-2019, 08:32 AM,
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RE: InverAds - PPC Ad Network
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