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Important thing to know before purchasing a human hair wig
12-28-2020, 07:09 AM,
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Important thing to know before purchasing a human hair wig
[font=宋体]when you first purchased [/font][font=宋体]your [/font][font=宋体]wig and you start to see a lot of [/font][font=宋体]shedding [/font][font=宋体]going on, that means you have a bad quality hair you order from[/font] [font=宋体]bad company, it should not just start to shed immediately, but over time it will shed due to bleaching of the knives, combing the hair[/font][font=宋体].[/font][font=宋体] it says simply washing the hair so it will begin to [/font][font=宋体]shed [/font][font=宋体]and just think about it like our hair sheds a little little every day. Okay. That means a [/font][font=宋体]hand [/font][font=宋体]made wig with hair tied to a knot is going to shed just as well.[/font][font=宋体]it is very important to choose a [/font][font=宋体]best wig outlet[/font][font=宋体] wen you buy your wig![/font]
[font=宋体]Now, these wigs are not made to last forever, okay, you can maybe get one whole year out of these wigs if you purchased from me one to two years, but that's only with proper maintenance and care. So before purchasing these wigs, really think about Are you ready to take good care of these wigs? Are you ready to maintain these wigs? Another popular question I get is which one of these wigs last longer? Well [/font][font=宋体]any high qality hair[/font][font=宋体] can last one to two years with proper maintenance and care. But generally a full lace wig is going to shed faster than a 360 wig[/font][font=宋体] or a lace [/font][font=宋体]closure wig[/font][font=宋体]. And that's just because you have hair tied to a lace around the entire wig. If you're thinking about longevity of the wig, I would go with the 360 wig just because it wouldn't shed as faster because there's not much hair tie to lace is only around the perimeter and you can always change out the 360 lace frontal with another [/font][font=宋体]lace [/font][font=宋体]frontal[/font][font=宋体].[/font][font=宋体] if you make this wig or so, as far as the full lace wig. Once you start shedding and balding in certain areas, you're gonna have to either throw it away, give it away just throw it out, rotate it out because you can't fix that[/font][font=宋体].[/font][font=宋体] you just have to end up[/font][font=宋体], and[/font][font=宋体] buying another [/font][font=宋体]half [/font][font=宋体]lace wig[/font][font=宋体].[/font]

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