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I never knew that Mom
03-08-2019, 10:43 AM,
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I never knew that Mom
I never knew that Mom and Dad didn��t even watch the movie. My parents came to play with me. I had nothing to do at night. I proposed to go to the movies, and my parents actually promised. Later, I learned that my parents had never seen a movie. I used to live in the suburbs. I was too far away from the cinema, so I didn��t have a chance to watch a movie. Now I live in a place that is close to the cinema. I can finally meet them. The desire for the movie made them experience 3D effects, so I decided on the recent "Bumblebee". After the film opened, we entered the cinema with the flow of people. They looked very calm. When the movie started, after a fierce fight, my mother was a little scared, especially the scene of blasting Carton Of Newport 100S, which made her body shrink into a group, her hands kept holding glasses, and she was afraid to jump out again. Strange things. Compared with my mother, my father is very calm. He wears 3D glasses. He can't see the slightest expression. I thought he was asleep. It was only a few occasional comments that he knew that he was enjoying it. After the film ended, he did not forget to conclude: This is the story of a little girl wanting a car. For his summary, although I don't agree, I can't refute it. As long as they look happy, their parents are busy with work and have no time to take me to the movies. I used to blame my parents, why not take me to the movies like other children, but now I have some relief. I take them to see the same effect. As long as the family is together, who is the one who takes him? The film fills a hole in my childhood, a hole that is eager to be loved. I really hope that in the future life, there will be fewer and fewer regrets and more and more happiness.The big pattern is not accidentally formed, but the inevitable accident. In one after another, it happens to be a butterfly. In the end, it is inevitable that the big pattern is created. It is the innate condition of the big pattern, and then in the process of growth Marlboro Lights 100S, After undergoing tempering, this tempering is unbiased and implemented on the foundation of the innate conditions. In other words, his remarkable nature is open to the wisdom of the flower in the tempering. The big pattern creates the era, and the big pattern creates a new era of human civilization. The wisdom and kindness of the big pattern can't be learned, but the trace that can't be copied is the synonym of the big pattern. The generation of the people in each era can't make a big picture. It is because the innate conditions of the sentient beings are too mediocre, mediocre innate conditions, It is the degree of tempering that is serious in the big pattern Newport Cigarettes Online, and it is not the achievement of the big pattern Newport Cigarettes Carton. This is the idealist view. In the limitation of history, people are generally mediocre. Therefore, it is always very dogmatic to deny the truth to all beings, not to say To become a big pattern Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, the cognition of the big pattern is extremely short-sighted. Yu Dafu��s warning to the hero is very good. History has reached a certain high-end period. This view is not only idealism, but common common sense.
03-09-2019, 03:10 PM,
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RE: I never knew that Mom
admin shoud ban this user

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