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How to make your wig look more natural
04-24-2020, 10:00 AM,
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How to make your wig look more natural
wigs can change shape and temperament at will and easily, but do you know the correct way to wear wigs? Want style hundred change to attract attention because of this, besides the choose and buy of a wig, the way that adorns also is very important.
Wig wearing step 01 - first straighten the hair straight comb, double head open cylinder hair net gently open, there will be a rubber band at the end of the down.
Wig wears a step 02 -- after hair net is propped open, cover gently from the top of the head on the neck, pull slowly next go up to the hairline place, must wrap hairline, cannot show come!
Wig wears a step 03 -- put all hair inside hairnet next, can use the one-time rubber band or small steel clip undertakes securing, and hair end place had better also want to use word clip to secure. After fixing, gently adjust the virgin hair inside the mesh and rub it evenly.
Wig wears pace 04 -- after adjusting, both hands pick up wig to be taken forward from hind can, want to adjust the position of good wig, and there is adjusting buckle basically in wig cover, use adjusting buckle to clip hairnet to be able to hold wig more ground, won't make its optional loose fall, cause awkwardness.
Wig wears step 05 -- after wearing, adjust the position of the hairline of wig hairline even with a finger, do not reveal hairline easily. Then use a comb to take care of the wig can be simple, must gently comb, or it will be easy to pull off.
Easy and simple 5 steps can wear good wig correctly to cover, can change modeling 100 from now on not difficult. But also have a lot of beautiful eyebrows to say how to wear also do not have the effect like the model, need to wear skill actually while also want to add practice ability to wear the wig to cover the most natural.
    Have you learned how to make your wig more natural now?

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