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How to install HP Printer Wi-Fi drivers through CD?
10-15-2019, 09:17 AM,
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How to install HP Printer Wi-Fi drivers through CD?
Looking for a way to install Wi-Fi drivers on your computer? This step-by-step guide will help you to regarding Wi-Fi driver installation. Once you establish your computer with the printer’s HP wireless direct signal, you need to insert the CD which comes with your printer in order to install the driver. When you are prompted to select a connection type during the installation, you need to select the wireless option.
1. On the control panel of your printer, you need to click on the HP Wireless direct icon or you need to navigate the network setup. And through the wireless settings menu simply click on the wireless direct button. After that, simply turn on the connection.
2. To get the password at the time of connection to the printer, simply click on the security. Write down the security password and then click OK.
3. On the computer or laptop, you need to click on the wireless icon and then choose your HP printer’s model name from the list of available networks.
4. Now, insert the CD into the computer and after that wait for the installation to begin.
5. Reconnect your computer with normal wireless network when the installation completes.
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