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How to identify the good and bad hair wig
04-28-2020, 05:40 AM,
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How to identify the good and bad hair wig
Girls would like to buy hair wig(maybe lace wig or lace front wig) for parties, graduation, back to school, wedding, gifts, and so on. We all pretty among people. So if we get a bad hair wig, it will be a tragedy. Here we get 4 ways to identify the good and bad hair wig.
1. Vision: Firstly, from visual observation, the good human hair wig would look very true and natural. The fine workmanship and quality hair
the first element to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the hair. Secondly, the appeal to personal preferences style is also very import
2. Touching Feelings: The inferior one would make us feel it is dry, heavy, and old-fashioned. Our loks hair is full and bouncy, soft and smooth
very natural feeling.
3. Workmanship: If the hair wig sheds a little, it is normal. But inferior hair wig is very easy to shed and it is hard to take care. Since the thick
scalp, hairline crowded, so it would be easy to fall off the scalp. And they made the inside wig cap very roughly, that’s hard to radiate the he
4. Health: usually, in order to make a big profit, the small factory would mix the bad materials or the full used inferior materials on it. Also, the grade hair is not flame-retardant, but would have poor chemical toxins, not good for health!!
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