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How can you create a design brief?
07-10-2017, 10:51 PM,
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How can you create a design brief?
Before creating a design brief, you have to get deeper into your customer’s business, its competition as well as targeted audience. You do this by inquiring your client about the basics.

Personally, I like to provide my customers with a questionnaire to get an understanding about the project and everything important. Then if needed, I follow up with a later discussion for filling up the voids.

The reason I send a questionnaire rather than having a whole interview is because at times questions are hard to answer at that moment. An inquiry form, though, gives the client time to consider, research and discuss different topics with others if required, to provide you with the essential information.

When I started my career as a designer, I expected my clients to be aware of everything about their business mission, vision and brand. In fact, this is not true each time. This is because many business owners are dedicated to making products, making profits and managing people, so asking such questions will help them to dwell over the certain topics that may have never been looked at or fully refined.

This is my little secret that helps me create a professional logo design. Don’t forget to share your secret sauces too!
11-28-2018, 01:31 PM,
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RE: How can you create a design brief?
The logo design brief is important in creating a unique and unforgettable brand logo. The brief must have the facts that would help a graphic designer in picking the correct design basics. But not all the business vendors or clients and designers know how to get the brief done in an exact way. For more details visit our website.

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11-29-2018, 03:35 PM,
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RE: How can you create a design brief?
brief design is the documentation for a design project. that is develop by a person or a team i have seen the
best custom logo design they did brief design for my request and when i receive such an amzing design. that i never seen before yet.
12-04-2018, 05:18 PM,
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RE: How can you create a design brief?
without documentation, you can't create a design sometime when it design cheap illustrators   the client doesn't have a proper documentation so it was so hectic for me to design.

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