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How To Get Body Wave Hair Back After Washing
07-06-2020, 09:47 AM,
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Photo  How To Get Body Wave Hair Back After Washing
The Body Wave Hair is frequently mentioned by women who want to change their image and improve their confidence. This is because more and more women like to choose the body wave weave human hair as their first choice to have a full and fashionable hairstyle. Just as the old saying says, beauty starts from the head. Good quality body wave weave human hair bundles with closure will serve people with a long lifespan, Among all caring procedures, washing is the first and essential step to protect the [url=Deep Wave Hair]Deep Wave Hair[/url].

[Image: fake_scalp_13x6_lace_wig_body_wave_0704.jpg]

How To Wash The Body Wave Hair Step By Step
Then, we will introduce how to wash the body wave weave human hair step by step.

Before cleaning, you should make your body wave human hair smoothly, you’d better comb your Water Wave Hair sew in from the hair end to the hair root with the wide teeth or your finger, the purpose of this step is making your real body wave human hair tangle free and No shedding, smooth and convenience to wash. 

Wetting hair, wet your body wave long hair with the moderate water by bending forward your head. Not use the hot water since the hot water will scald your Indian body wave hair. You can wet your hair from the backside of the head, the head edge, to the top of the head until your head is completely wetting.

Applying hair shampoo, the procedure of using the moisturizing shampoo is just as you wetting your hair. Evenly spread the hair shampoo to your head, then gently massage your scalp and your body wave hair, until the lather is spreading on your head, then repeat this massage action about one minute, the dirty, grease, hair oil will be removed from your body wave hair. 

Drying hair, at this step, the clean and dry towel should be used. Cover your wet body wave weave human hair with the clean towel, extrude the water from your hair gently. But the towel definitely can’t absolutely dry the wet body wave human hair wig, until there isn’t so much water dripping from the hair, release the body wave hair, go to a well-ventilated area, let the body wave hair bundles drying by air. But you should avoid direct sunlight when your body wave hair with closure is wet.

Styling your body wave human hair. Curling your body wave hair sew in after washing with your finger, or a low power hairdryer, applying some drops of hair care essential oil to protect the healthy condition of the body wave weave hair.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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