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Hardcore Action-RPG Space Robinson Lands on Steam on October 7
09-27-2019, 10:56 PM,
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Hardcore Action-RPG Space Robinson Lands on Steam on October 7
A new action-RPG developed by Luxorix Games is making its way to Steam next month, Space Robinson. The game is set to officially launch on Steam on October 7, but an open beta demo is now available to everyone until the game releases early next month. In Space Robinson, players take the role of an ordinary engineer summoned by an intergalactic corporation named VAST and sent to Colony 21 located cash frenzy cheat on a distant planet to perform maintenance works. Unfortunately, Colony 21 is not as peaceful as you might have expected, so be ready to face countless enemies along the way. 

Space Robinson is a dangerous adventure in which players must survive in the wilderness, collect resources, build protective turrets and craft vast amounts of ammunition. “Players will enjoy a Hardcore RPG-action on a procedurally generated planet. Collect resources, craft weapons, unlock a cute casino slots cheat but ruthless pet-mate and then choose your way to die!” – Luxorix Games. Since this is a rogue-lite game, you'll be playing on a procedurally-generated planet with random levels and random loot. If you die, you'll start all over again as your character will be spawned on a special cloning base.

The secret to being successful in such games is to survive as long as possible, level up, and unlock new gear that will carry on to your next attempts. Some of these rogue-lite elements are present in Space Robinson as well.
Also, you can collect resources and craft caesars slots cheat medkits or weapons. You can even build protective turrets to survive the harsh alien nights. Bot-assistants are a thing in Space Robinson too, as you'll be able to collect them and destroy any serious fortifications that you might encounter.

Space Robinson features night and day sequence, as there are special night monsters scattered throughout the game's levels. Also, your vision changes according to this cycle, so during the night, you will see the surroundings in a narrow circle.

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